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What is CGbytes?
We are an online marketplace and community servicing 3D graphic designers and artists, both professionals and hobbyists alike.

We are here because we understand the needs and concerns of 3D Artists and content creators, Our mission is to provide the best experience for both creators and buyers of 3D content for Poser and Daz Studio. No matter if you are a seasoned veteran or a budding hobbyist, CGbytes has something for everyone.

With our Artist Studio area, each member of our community is given the tools to showcase their finished artwork, create and share blogs, personal forums, and more! With our Membership Gallery feature, finished artwork creators will be able to create subscription based galleries that can generate them income month to month.
What products to you offer?
We offer a wide variety of digital content and tools to help accelerate 3D production workflow.
What happens when I order something? How do I receive my purchase?
All products sold at CGbytes are available exclusively in digital download format.  Upon successful completion of the checkout process you will be provided links to your purchase for immediately download.
What if I lose my files? Can I redownload from previous purchases?
Absolutely!  If you ever need to replace downloaded product files you can simply request new download links directly from your Order History.  Even though you can review your entire order history online we also recommend that you retain a copy of your transactions for your own records.
How can I be sure I'm buying a quality product?
All products sold at CGbytes are thoroughly tested before being placed in the store. We test not only to make sure the product contains everything it is supposed to, but to make sure that the product you are getting meets our quality standards and is worth the price being asked for it. Our testers rarely miss flaws, but occasionally they do miss something. If they do, be assured we will make it right for you.
What if I need help?

If you have a problem ordering or a problem with something you have ordered, please contact us.  We will respond to you  within 48 hours but usually much sooner.

Please remember that we are happy to help you if you are experiencing a problem with one of our products, but the store staff is not here to offer application support or to teach you how to use the programs. For software related issues, please consult your user's manual, ask in our forums or go directly to the manufacturer.

What currency choices are available?
All transactions made through CGbytes are in US currency.
What will appear on my credit card statement?
All purchases from our site will appear as “CGbytes” on your credit card statement.
Is it safe to use my credit card in the store?
All transactions in our store are completed on a secure server.  We never see your credit card number and it is not stored anywhere on our site.  CGbytes is a PCI compliant site.
How do I use a coupon code?
During checkout you will have the option to review your cart contents on each marketplace you are purchasing products from. When prompted, enter the coupon code (step 1) and click Update (step 2). If the code is valid and applicable to your cart contents you should see the discount apply.

NOTE: Be sure to re-enter the coupon if you are purchasing from multiple marketplaces during the same checkout.

What is your refund policy? What is a CGbytesID?
Your CGbytesID grants you login access to any site displaying the CGbytesID logo. Premier Membership applies to all sites which accept the CGbytesID credentials.
How do I create and share my own personal blog posts?
At CGBytes we strive to provide our community members with all the tools needed to help them not only express their artistic talents, but to also help promote themselves within our marketplace.  One of the tools we provide you is your very own blog system!

Now, we know that “blogging” might not be for everyone, but we do encourage everyone to at least try out the system before making any final choices of not utilizing the tool.

You might be asking yourself, “What would I use a blog system for?” Well the answer to that is pretty simple. You can use it to update other artists, as well as potential customers of your latest ‘work in progress’. You can use it to get feedback for what you might want to create next, announce a sale you will be running, or to announce your latest product. Please keep in mind that these are just a few ways you can utilize your own personal blog within CGBytes. But if you do take advantage of the blog system it will prove to be an invaluable tool!

Let’s Get Started!

1) Log into your CGbytes account (OR REGISTER) by clicking the LOGIN button shown below.

2) Once you are logged into CGBytes, hover your mouse over the word ACCOUNT and select ARTIST STUDIO in the drop down menu shown below:

3) Now click on the SETTINGS button near the top right side of your screen as shown below:

4) Select BLOG near the bottom left of your screen:

5) Next click on NEW BLOG as shown below:

6) Now It’s time to make your blog post! Give it a catchy title that will make people want to read it. Assign when you want the post to go live (OR simply leave that field empty to publish right away. If the blog is time sensitive you can use the next two fields to set START and STOP dates.

Next is your summery. Write a few lines of text that describe what your post is about, 2-3 paragraphs is best, but shorter is perfectly okay!

Now it’s time to write your blog post in the large field. You can insert links, images, and even get creative with text by changing the color, size, and styles. Don’t let all those little buttons scare you! Feel free to play with the “kitchen sink” to spice up your posts! Experiment and have fun!

Once you have all of this completed, the last step, and really the most important one, is to select a “teaser” image or thumbnail:

Click the BROWSE button and select from your computer an image to represent your blog post, PLEASE use images sized between 200 X 200 - 250 X 250 pixels. These images along with your summery will appear in various places such as, the main page, the community page, as well as the main blog page on CGBytes.

See the image below for more details:

7) Once you are finished, select the SAVE button. You have now created your first blog post!