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What are Premier Points?

Premier Points are used throughout the site to either pay for subscriptions, purchase Premier items, or redeem against orders in the store.

How do I redeem points in the store?
During checkout you will have the option to review your cart contents on each marketplace you are purchasing products from.

Where can I see my points history?
You can review your Premier Points history by simply clicking on your points total in the upper-right corner of the page while logged in.  The direct link to the Points page is here.
How do I earn or receive points?
Premier Points are earned or received in a variety of ways:
  • Purchases from the marketplaces receive 10 points per $1 spent (does not include purchases of Point Packs)
  • Earn 10 points for posting a public image (must meet posting guidelines)
  • For every public image you post that received a minimum of 12 likes receives 12 points
  • Win points by participating in contests, draws, and other promotions on the site
  • Purchase Premier Point packs from the store (the larger the pack, the deeper the discount!)
Where can I spend my points?
Premier Points can be spent a variety of ways:
  • Redeem them on store purchases at 200 points per $1 (up to a max of 50% of the cart value)
  • Pay for memberships using points (you can review your current memberships through your My Account page)
  • Purchase access to Premier items through the gallery (must be a Premier Advantage member first)
Do points expire?
Depending on how the Premier Points were acquired some will expire and some will not.

Method received/earned Expiry
As a bonus from store purchases 30 days
Favorably rated public images 180 days
Contests and other site promotions Never
Premier Point packs Never
How much are points worth?

The standard cost for Premier Points is $0.02/point.  Purchasing Premier Point packs from the store can reduce this cost to as low as $0.017/point.

Can I redeem my points for cash?

No.  Premier Points hold no cash value unless you are a Premier Artist.

Can I lose my points?
There's a few ways Reward Points can be taken away. These reasons include, but may not be limited to:
  1. You will lose 10 points if an image you have posted is removed
  2. Chargebacks to our store will wipe out your points balance.
  3. A refund on any product will cause points earned on that product to be deducted.
  4. Getting yourself banned from the site may cause your store account to also be banned and your points revoked.
Can I give my points away?

Sorry, your Premier Points are non-transferable. We also can't move them to different accounts. The account you earn them under is the account they must be spent under.