Updated February, 2023

CGbytes is committed to creating an open, friendly and Safe For Work artist community, so we hope that artists conduct themselves accordingly. You will find the site policies that all members must adhere to.

Gallery, Blogs and Forum Posting
The staff at CGbytes reserve the right to remove any images without prior notice that contravenes any of the policies below. 
No Adult / Mature images and text 

  • No Nudity
  • No Sexual Acts singularly or between any figures (intercourse, oral, anal, masturbation)
  • No arousal portrayal (erect penis, erect nipples)
  • No blood or sexual fluids or suggestion of orgasm.
  • No rape (or suggestion of rape and/or sexual abuse, torture)
  • No sex toys of any type (this includes but is not limited to vibrators, dildos, BDSM equipment.)
  • No contact with genitalia whether sexual contact or not.
  • No explicit content actual or implied. 
  • No linking off site to any of the images mentioned above.

  Other restrictions 

  • No use of images not belonging to the poster without prior permission
  • No homophobic, racist, or other forms of hate imagery
  • No using the galleries, blogs or forums to slander, defame or make libellous statements
  • No advertising of commercial products unless they are products within CGbytes' store or without prior consent by CGbytes staff
  • No linking or making reference to other paysites or galleries from within the description or watermarked in the image 
  • Incorrect use of the image categories
  • Posts on CGbytes are the intellectual property of the creator and therefore express permission must be sought from owner/creator before reproduction.
Submissions which are deemed to be in violation of any of these guidelines may be removed without prior warning. Users found submitting such content may have their account temporarily or permanently suspended.
If you are not sure about the content of your image, please ask one of the moderators or administrators to review it before posting. You can send emails to [email protected].
Content decisions and policy adherence is at the discretion and determination of site administrators. If you disagree with a decision, you may discuss it with the administrators privately. Taking your grievance with a decision into the public forums or gallery system with intent to influence or circumvent the decision-making process may result in a permanent suspension from the community.
Please ensure you correctly categorize your images. CGbytes includes a system that allows people to see only what they want to see, for this to function correctly please take a moment to select the right categories as you post.
Member Conduct
CGbytes tries to impose as little censorship as possible on its members and is here for the enjoyment of all the community. However, the website is open to a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds so we ask that you rigidly adhere to our policy. 
We offer public forums and encourage you to post your views at CGbytes. We ask that you do this in a respectful manner. Any personal attacks on past or current members of this website will not be tolerated.  Physical or psychological threats may result in further action which could include reporting to the appropriate authorities.
Members of this website are prohibited from posting any messages that can be construed as threatening, libelous, or defamatory, or from posting any other messages or materials that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the law.
The Private Message and email features of this site are for the purpose of personal communication between members. Members are prohibited from sending unsolicited advertising or spam to other members either through the private messaging system or emails originating from this site.
Members are prohibited from purposely sabotaging the normal day to day operations or features of this website. Any activity which results in a denial of service to other members, such as using off-line readers to cache the entire site is forbidden. Site administrators will take whatever actions are required to restore service including immediate suspension of such members.
Soliciting and/or Trading of Illegal Software is strictly forbidden
CGBytes does not tolerate software theft (warez). Any member of the CGbytes website found requesting or trading illegal software files will have their account permanently suspended.
Intellectual Property
The copyright of all material (software and content) provided on the CGbytes website remains property of the original holder. CGbytes reserves the right to use images posted on this site in its day to day operations and in its promotional material. Members reserve the right to and are able to remove their contribution from the CGbytes website at any time. For areas where this is not the case, requests will be handled by the administration on a timely basis.
Any use of the material inconsistent with the terms and conditions set forth by the owner is prohibited and will be considered an infringement of the copyrights of the owner.

This site contains links to other member websites or Site Sponsors websites. CGbytes is not responsible for the content of such websites, their practices or their downloads.

Contacting CGbytes

If you should have any questions about your membership, the practices of the administration or members of this website, or with our Online Store, you can contact us by sending e-mail to [email protected] between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 PM Central Time, Monday-Friday.