Richabri's Interrogation Room
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The Interrogation Room is a 17 piece prop set replicating a modern police interrogation room complete with furniture and adjoining room areas. Spacious and functional the Interrogation Room is easy to move around in to set up your
scenes. The set features a high level of detail in all of it's elements to assure a very realistic interrogation environment. The Interrogation Room also features all of the furniture that you'd need to set up an interrogation scene.

Along with the interrogation room area you also have a main office area as well as a complete bathroom and backroom area. The Interrogation Room can also be used to replicate any secured building area like a military planning room, etc.

Most of the sets elements are implemented as separate props so you can use all of the props or just the pieces that you need for your scene. The set includes three PZ3 files that will load the entire set, a loaded interrogation room area
or an empty set that only contains the building elements and no furniture.

With 6 building props and 11 furniture/fixture props the Interrogation Room is easy to use and a real value for the price - it will perform well for any of your interrogation scenes!

The Interrogation Room has been tested to work with every version of Poser. Install only the props folder that corresponds to your version of Poser. The difference between versions is only in the bump mapping and raytraced mirror

The complete set is as follows:

!!Base - the actual interrogation room building.
!!Frontwall - separate prop to close off the front of the room.
!Ceiling - separate prop replicating an acoustic drop ceiling.
!Door Bath - separate bathroom door.
!Door I-Room - separate I-Room door.
!Door Main - separate main door.

Bulletin Board
File Cabinet
Med Cabinet
TP Roll
Water Cooler
Video Camera

Everything comes as Poser Ready props that can be loaded from the category menu or for even easier use - just load one of the included PZ3 files with a default lighting and camera scheme.

The Interrogation Room also comes with 13 camera presets and 1 lighting presets for easy scene creation.

All of the props are completely modular and can be used separately or with other sets for maximum use and enjoyment.

The Interrogation Room comes with high resolution textures that look great from a distance or at extreme close up renders.

Readme may contain additional info. Please see vendor's documentation after download for any additional information.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description:The 2-Way Mirror was constructed with two planes - one for the mirror which faces the I-Room and another for the window which faces the back room. By default the mirror material is set to be fully opaque and the window is mostly transparent. This works for scenes in the I-Room but you'll have to reverse these settings if you want to be able to look into the I-Room from the back room area. Just select the !!Base prop and go to your material settings box.

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4+

Richabri's Interrogation Room

SKU: SKU2038
By: Richabri

Richabri's Interrogation Room


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