Richabri's The Locker Room
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The Locker Room

The Locker Room is a set of ten props replicating a modern Locker/Shower room
setting complete with Locker/Shower room equipment. This light-weight set
offers many different areas to set up your renders and is modular enough to
allow you to use only the elements that you need.

The set features a lockers prop that has movable locker doors that all can be
swung open with a normal Y-Rotation. All of the locker doors are parented to
the locker cabinet and will move with it.

The set also provides separate ceiling and front wall props that can be used
or not depending on your scene requirements. The Locker Room set includes a PZ3
file that will load in the room with all of the room props and a default lighting
scheme and also includes six camera presets to cover the areas of the set.

Light-weight and functional The Locker Room set will accommodate any of your
Locker/Shower Room scenes.


The Locker Room package includes the following room props:

Room Props (PP2):


Equipment Props (PP2):


Everything comes as Poser ready props that can be loaded from the content palette
under the Props section.

The Locker Room package also comes with all of the texture templates to allow you
to give the props a custom look of your own design.

You will need Poser 5 (or higher) or Daz Studio to use this set.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 3+
PoserPoser 5+

Richabri's The Locker Room

SKU: SKU30051
By: Richabri

A set of 10 props replicating a modern Locker/Shower room setting complete with Locker/Shower room equipment.


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