Commercial Loft
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The Commercial Loft is an 18-piece (PP2) prop set replicating a small commercial 
loft setting complete with a separate freight elevator and various warehouse 
All areas of the set are completely accessible to the camera due to the modular
design of the set that allows almost every set element to be used/removed from 
your scene as necessary.
The Commercial Loft also comes with two PZ3 files: the Commercial Loft Empty.pz3 
file that will load in only the building props and the Commercial Loft Loaded.pz3
file which will load in the building and all the equipment props. Both provide a 
default lighting scheme and all render parameters set to go.
The Commercial Loft set includes everything you need to set up a loft scene 
Props (PP2):
55-Gallon Drum
Container Box
Crate 01
Crate 02
Crate 03
Crate 04
Hand Cart
Palette Jack
Utility Shelf
Everything comes as Poser ready props that can be loaded from the content 
palette under the Props section or for even easier use, load one of the PZ3 
scene files that will load in the props with a default lighting rig.
The Commercial Loft also comes with all of the texture templates to allow
you to give the props a custom look of your own design.
You will need Poser 5 (or higher) or Daz Studio to use this set.

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Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 3+
PoserPoser 5+

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Commercial Loft

SKU: 58903
By: Richabri

An 18-piece (PP2) prop set replicating a small commercial loft setting complete with a separate freight elevator and various warehouse items.


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