Dendras' Complete Gothic Dungeon Construction Set for ProPack
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The ultimate "build-it-yourself" dungeon!

The Gothic Dungeon Construction Set is a modular product, which allows you to combine different elements to create an almost limitless amount of dungeon environments. This means that it is virtually impossible that any two artists' renders will ever be similar, since, unlike a "fixed" set the creation of your environments is limited only by your imagination and your computer's capabilities.

All textures are consistent and scaled exactly from one element to the next. Any figure in this set allows you to show or hide parts by either using the Heirarchy Editor, or by double-clicking a part to make the Element Properties dialogue appear, and the unselecting "Visible" for that part. This allows for a very wide variety of renders, since elements can be hidden to allow for a specific view or camera angle.

The Gothic Dungeon Complete Set includes the following (.cr2 denotes a posable figure prop, while .pp2 indicates a static prop):

Base Figure:

? Base Figure.cr2 Floors:

? Floor w Barred Pit.cr2
? Floor w Spiral Stairs.cr2
? Floor w Stairs.cr2
? Floor, Base Plain.pp2
? Floor, Base with Pit.pp2
? Floor, Small.pp2 Ceilings:

? Ceiling A Tall.pp2
? Ceiling B Tall.pp2
? Ceiling, A Short.pp2
? Ceiling, B Short.pp2
? Ceiling, Section A.pp2
? Ceiling, Section B.pp2 Columns:

? Column Base.pp2
? Column, Section.pp2
? Column, Short Section.pp2
? Column, Short.pp2
? Column, Tall Section.pp2
? Column, Tall.pp2 Stairs & Cells:

? Cell.cr2
? Stairs.cr2
? Spiral Stairs.pp2 Walls:

? Hidden Passage.cr2
? Wall w Bars.cr2
? Wall w Left Door.cr2
? Wall w Right Door.cr2
? Stone Molding.pp2
? Wall, Arched.pp2
? Wall, Plain.pp2
? Wall, Square.pp2 Fire Props:

? Fireplace.cr2
? Chandelier w Candles.pp2
? Chandelier w Torches.pp2
? Floorstand-1 Candle.pp2
? Floorstand-5 Candles.pp2
? Floorstand-9 Candles.pp2
? Floorstand-Torches.pp2
? Hand Torch.pp2
? Wall Candle Large.pp2
? Wall Candle Medium.pp2
? Wall Candle Small.pp2
? Wall Torch 01.pp2 (note: this item supplied with 3 variations)
? Wall Torch 02.pp2 (note: this item supplied with 3 variations)
? Wall Torch 03.pp2 (note: this item supplied with 3 variations) Notes:

The Base Figure is intended to be the central unit in the creation of the dungeon. It can, of course, be omitted if you wish. It's useful in creating multi-level dungeon environments, which have greater potential for interest than a "plain old dungeon."

There are two floor props that are intended to be used to be used with the Base Figure: These are "Floor, Base Plain" and "Floor, Base with Pit."

The Cell figure can be used in countless ways, for example: By hiding the rear wall, cells can be joined together to form a tunnel or hallway. The Stairs Figure can be combined with copies of itself (by loading the same figure several times) to form long stairways. By hiding or showing walls and ceilings you can create a variety of stairs. By placing a stair figure behind a door or wall you can create stairs up or down.

The Ceiling Props are named A and B. These can be combined in alternating patterns to create a vaulted ceiling of any size your PC can handle. You can also vary ceiling height by combining column pieces and the ceiling pieces.


The gothDCS Basic Set contains all of the items shown on these pages except for all of the Fire Props. The Fire Set contains only the Fire Props. All items (both sets) are included in the complete set.

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Dendras' Complete Gothic Dungeon Construction Set for ProPack

SKU: SKU1240
By: Dendras

Dendras' Complete Gothic Dungeon Construction Set for ProPack


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