Loki, Spiritfoxy, fadeam, CGbytes, Kawecki, Chaosophia, and Darkseal!!

    7/19/2017 4:21:45 PM by FunFungi

    Hi everyone! It’s wacky Wednesday and we have some more of that good stuff you’ve been waiting for. From characters to poses to props, whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it! So sit back, relax, and check it out…
    We’re knocking off 3 brand new female characters in a row today! Let’s start with Loki’s new angel, “Kendra For G3F-G8”! A beach beauty who loves to be out in the sun. We also have “JiaMei For G3F” by Spritfoxy, which is 25% off for a limited time! And lastly, we have fadeam’s “Lilith For G8F”! Collect them all!
    We also have another awesome product from one of our live session trainings! “ArtDev Mechaniacle Zbrush Resources 2”! Free for a limited time. Find out how to participate in the link provided in this post!
    Kawecki is back with a figure prop for Poser! “The Hungry Plant” is here and boy is it hungry!
    Genesis 8 Female is here in full force, so get those shapes she’s looking for. “G8F Attractive Shapes” by Chaosophia is available now!
    Lastly, we have another stand-alone figure by Darkseal! “No.728” is a realistic android from a post-apocalyptic dystopian future searching for humans and the meaning of life. SOUND GREAT!
    That’s it that’s all! Come back soon for more updates!

    BoxcutterBeauty, CGbytes, fadeam, CynderBlue, Chocolate, and SF-Design!!

    7/14/2017 6:03:55 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone!  We have some more of those great products you’ve been waiting for. Today we’re going to shed a little lights on a few that are new! Check it out…
    We have a couple new ones for you from yours truly! We have a FREE “Sofa And Bench” which are exactly what it sounds like. 2 pieces of furniture for your lounging needs. Also, we have another one of our live training sessions products available. Also free for a limited time. Check out “ArtDev Mechaniacle Zbrush Resources 1” today!
    We also have a brand new character for your Genesis 3 Females by fadeam. “Bunny Girl For G3F” comes as a character and outfit! Hop to it!
    Next up is another beautiful character. CynderBlue captures true beauty in their new “CB Gabrielle G3F”. On sale for a limited time.
    Chocolate has something for your sci-fi renders! “Tentacle Sucker” is here and you’re going to have a tough time getting out of this one! Ready for Poser 9 and up!
    What would a day be without SF-Design? Are your G3 Males missing a little something under their arm? “Armpit Hair Options For Genesis 3 Males And MR” is available now to really fill out your characters!
    Lastly, check out “Bao” by BoxcutterBeauty! A lovely new garment taken from Chinese underwear inspiration!
    That’s it for now folks! Check back soon for more and have a great weekend!

    7-15-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Monstrously Hot Alien Creation

    7/13/2017 2:40:22 PM by Teronsuke

    In this series, we'll show you a combination of techniques for developing exciting, attractive alien designs built on Genesis 3 (with Genesis 8 support)! Our first event focuses on getting your thoughts together, building up an effective, coherent design plan and blocking in the broad strokes of your other-worldly beauty!

    7-22-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Monstrously Hot Alien Creation Pt 2

    7/10/2017 1:33:12 PM by Teronsuke

    Morph Sculpting: In this session, we will cover the process of using Zbrush to craft the sculpted morph of your alien creation while simultaneously creating the surface details and first pass of basic texturing.

    8-5-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Monstrously Hot Alien Creation Pt 4

    7/9/2017 3:05:50 PM by Teronsuke

    "Monstrously Hot: fast, effective techniques for designing alluring aliens, pt4: The Alien Lives:

    In this session, we tie it all together, focusing on special rigging concerns and best practices, assembling the PBR textures and materials, then packing it all upfor distribution.

    Finally Going Home Sale & Attractive Shapes For G8F

    6/22/2017 11:50:56 PM by Chaosophia

    18 days away until I'm finally back home. Lets break it down and celebrate a little.

    Darkseal, Chaosophia, dravuor, CynderBlue, SynfulMindz, Loki, and SF-Design!!

    6/16/2017 4:58:14 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! We’re back at it with these great posts to show what’s new in the shop! Let’s not waste any more time and hop right to it! Check it out…
    Starting things off today with a fun and fantasy figure by Darkseal! “MyTH – My Tiny Horse” comes with different hair styles and accessories!
    We have a couple new awesome texture products available too! Check out “Marble Iray Shaders” by Chaosophia and SF-Design’s “Easy Metal – Custom Shader For Iray”! Both are beautiful textures of metals and marbles.
    “Taped” by dravuor is also here where you need to be taped to your best bud or tape together something that’s broken! We’ve got it!
    CynderBlue’s “CB Blue Risque G3F” is a new beautiful garment for Genesis 3 Female. Choose from different fabrics and patterns!
    SynfulMindz has a great new furniture piece that will look great in your dungeons! “Tie Me Up G3F” comes with a big prop and poses!
    Lastly, Loki is here with their first character! Check out “Paige For G3F” today!
    There you have it! Enjoy these new products and have a great weekend.

    6-17-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Mecha-niacle Pt. 2

    6/15/2017 2:25:42 PM by Teronsuke

    in this installment we discuss and examine topology as it relates to hard surface modeling, polygrouping and edge flow strategies to help build optimal uv's, edge creasing and other factors of the process as related to this type of model.

    Armpit Hair Options For Genesis 3 Males And MR

    6/11/2017 12:44:19 PM by SF-Design

    A wide variety of armpit hair styles for all Genesis 3 Males. Different styles for different occasions. Whether you need a kinda hairy man, a trimmed look or some sparse hair.

    6-24-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Mecha-niacle Pt. 3

    6/10/2017 1:57:22 PM by Teronsuke

    Continuing the "Mecha-niacle" series, we'll be looking even deeper into the workflows combining Zbrush and Substance Painter to achieve startlingly real PBR texturing. Will cover advanced use of masking and ID maps, as well as Opacity and Emissive channels in Substand Painter

    7-1-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Mecha-niacle Pt. 4

    6/9/2017 2:51:16 PM by Teronsuke

    One single subject, both large and small - Rigging. In this session, we will look at techniques and strategies for rigging mechanical figures like the Dark Void All Terrain Walker used throughout this series.

    6-10-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Mecha-niacle Pt. 1: ATW Design

    6/8/2017 2:26:25 PM by Teronsuke

    Picking back up on our Dark Void series, this time building on a theme of explorers stranded on a hostile, unexplored world, we start this series with the design and concept sculpt for a personal all terrain walker-mech vehicle.

    Marble IRAY Shaders

    6/6/2017 9:29:10 PM by Chaosophia

    30 Marble Shaders for Daz Studio

    7-8-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Mecha-niacle Pt 5

    6/6/2017 2:08:12 PM by Teronsuke

    Mecha-niacle Pt.5: All the little stuff at the end like posing, small tweaks, setting up shots for promo art, bringing other figures like Genesis 3 or 8 to the party, and more!

    6-3-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Full Circle Promoting Your Product's Release

    6/1/2017 1:55:50 PM by Teronsuke

    Join us on our NEW DAY AND TIME for our live seminars...Mark your calendars and join CGbytes SATURDAY June 3rd at 5pm est for our next Live interactive seminar!

    Easy Metal - Custom Shader For Iray

    5/31/2017 9:46:04 PM by SF-Design

    This product includes a custom metal shader for the Iray render engine that enables you to set up different metals in any color and any metallicity easily.