CGB Weekend Rally Bad Barbee

    9/22/2016 12:37:41 PM by Teronsuke

    "Barbee" has fallen on hard times, but let's see just how far she has fallen!

    Starting today until Monday Sep 26th show us your best "Bad Barbee" renders!

    WHAT is a "Bad Barbee Render" you ask?   Well that's simple and complicated all at the same time, "Barbee" is a classic and iconic toy (although spelled another way) and for years she's had almost every great job you could think of,  but now, for reasons only you know, life has knocked her down, and she's either working in the worst job a kids toy could have OR... you can just see her various other poor life choices.

    newhere, PENDRAGON, CGbytes, Freeone, and CynderBlue!!

    9/19/2016 5:03:22 PM by FunFungi

    Welcome to Monday! We have some brand new products to get your out of those beginning of the week blues. Check it out…
    First up newhere is packing heat! “Weapons Pack” is now available for Lightwave! Perfect for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, games and other real time applications!
    We also have PENDRAGON’s ferocious new beast. Get your hands one “Manrilla – Genesis 3 Male” today!
    Looking for a few lessons? Well we have another LIVE training set ready to go with Zbrush, Genesis 3, and Daz Studio! “ArtDev Lace Up Panel High Heels For G3F” are here and FREE for a limited time. Be sure to check the link for all the information if you’re interested in taking part next time.
    There is another hefty one by Freeone! “Legacy Davo World Of Pichard Set 2” is ready and jam packed with everything you need for your perfect dungeon renders. Get those answers the hard way!
    Lastly, we have another beautiful new character by CynderBlue. “Madison G3F” is just what you need. A hand sculpted character ready to go!
    There you have it! Enjoy these new products and come back soon!

    2016 Summer Sizzle Contest WINNERS

    9/16/2016 3:11:09 AM by Teronsuke

    It's THAT time everyone,  what you've all been waiting for!  The results for the winners of CGbyte's 2016 Summer SIzzle Render Contest are IN!

    As always we locked our panel of judges up and did not let them out to see their friends and families until they all agreed on the winners of the contest,   this year was a bit harder on our judges as the voting process was longer then normal,  we DID however provide them all with the finest of bottled water and piping hot bowls of gruel, so no worries about their health and well being.

    None the less, they all pulled through like champs,  and presented us with this years winners,   so without any further ado..... 

    Artist Development LIVE Training Seminar

    9/16/2016 12:35:07 AM by Teronsuke

    Join us LIVE on Sept 16th at 1pm EST on our YouTube Channel:

    Shoes. Shoes. SHOES! What girl doesn't like shoes?  Les Garner will walk us through modeling, rigging and texturing Shoes!

    newhere, guhzcoituz, Tchobiloute, SF-Design, vyktohria, and PENDRAGON!!

    9/12/2016 3:58:16 PM by FunFungi

    Here we are for another round up of new products! So come one on and see what’s now available!
    First we have “Vampire Slayer” by newhere! Used for Lightwave 3D 9.2 or above! Not for use with Daz Studio or Poser.
    We also have a brand new character from guhzcoituz. Meet “Stella For Genesis 2 Female”! She’s a dream come true I tell ya!
    Tchobiloute is her with “Emily For Genesis 3 Female”! Another new character this time for G3F. She has generous shapes with 6 eye colors and a few more colors to choose from for makeup!
    Looking for some new lighting options? Maybe something a little more futuristic? Well SF-Design has their new product “Future Lights HDRI Iray Environments”! On sale for a limited time! But wait there’s more. “Mei Lin 7 Expressive” is also available by them! Definitely worth checking out.
    Another cool product is out now by vyktohria. “Sexy Skinz – Bare Necessities” is designed for ease of use and versatility, problems with extreme poses and clothing layers become a thing of the past.
    Finally, a new one by PENDRAGON! “Ragnaron For Genesis 3 Male” is perfect for your sci-fi and fantasy scenes.
    There you have it! Hope you like these new products and we’ll see you again soon!

    Mei Lin 7 Expressive

    9/11/2016 5:30:15 PM by SFD

    Emotions from smiles and anger to sadness, insecureness and surprise!

    Future Lights HDRI Iray Environments

    9/10/2016 8:04:34 AM by SFD

    This set includes 40 different HDRI based lighting presets for Iray! Load these Iray Dome environments with just one click and enjoy your renders.

    Vampire Slayer

    9/8/2016 10:44:13 AM by newhere

    Vampire Slayer Rigged low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR)...

    3 Days Left

    9/2/2016 5:15:33 PM by Teronsuke

    For all of you who like to wait till the last minutes,

    Only three days left before we close the 2016 CGbytes Summer Sizzle Render Contest.

    You STILL have some time to fire up your favorite render software and create a killer Summer themed render for the contest!

    Ethan for Ivan 7

    8/31/2016 7:09:11 PM by SFD

    Ethan is a nice full character set for Ivan 7. Ethan can be the strong man, a bouncer, a soldier, medieval warrior and much more. His uses are only limited by your imagination.

    SF-Design, Sixus1, PoisenedLily, and Freeone!!

    8/31/2016 3:04:55 PM by FunFungi

    Here we are again. That time of the week is now where we provide you with what's new in shop! You'll be thrilled about these new ditties so take a seat!

    SF-Design is here with 2 that's right 2 new products for your Genesis 3 Males. "Lee 7 Expressive" and "Ethan For Ivan 7" is here for good! Be sure to check out both!

    Sixus1 and PoisienedLily have a new fantastic fantasy character ready for your renders. "Faunessa For Genesis 3 Female" is here and at an amazing 20% off for a limited time!

    Lastly, a real big one! Freeone's "Legacy Davo World Of Pichard Set 1" is here and boy is there a lot to get out of this one! Just check the blog for everything that's included!

    Well that's it for today! Hope you like these new ones and check back soon for more!

    CGbytes, vyktohria, and Kawecki!!

    8/29/2016 1:19:01 PM by FunFungi

    Don't let the short name confuse you! We have plenty of brand new products available now that will rock your world! Check it out...

    The world of Triplonia just keeps growing! We have many more products to build your beautiful Triplonian world. Whether you're a Poser user or Daz user we have you covered. Check out "Triplonia Daily Life Props Set DS", "Triplonia Shaman For M4", and "Triplonia Shaman For G2 And G3 Male"!

    Nope I'm not stopping there! We also have "Triplonia Sword Maiden For V4"! Endless hours of creativity right at your fingertips.

    Aside from these, we also have "Sexy Skinz - Fantasy Armor" by vyktohria! This set of Sexy Skinz clothing features 4 different fantasy body armor styles, each of which comes in 6 different color versions.

    Kawecki is also here with "Medieval Room". A Poser ready room for your historical and fantasy scenes! Get it today!

    Thanks for swinging by everyone! Check back soon for more products and have a great day!

    2016 Summer Sizzle Contest

    8/29/2016 11:35:31 AM by Teronsuke

    It's Summertime,  and in many places the heat is rising and rising,  you could say there's a sizzle in the air. And with summer in full swing, that means it's time for this year's Summer Sizzle Render Contest.

    Starting today, Aug 5th until Sep 5th We want YOU to fire up you're favorite render software and show us your summer best!  no matter if it's swimming, sunbathing, camping, cooking out, washing the car, mowing the lawn, sports or anything in between!  If it's summer related then we want to see what you got!

    Check inside for all the info!

    nEO, SamuelKhan, CynderBlue, CGbytes, and SF-Design!!

    8/26/2016 5:35:33 PM by FunFungi

    Hello! New products alert! Hooray! Well here we are again on this beautiful Friday to show you what's new in store. Check it out...

    nEO has flown in on the Shuttlestar! Or at least created some great new M7 poses. Get your hands on "Casual M7 For Shuttlestar"!

    We also have another thrilling pose set by SamuelKhan. "Damsels In Distress For V7/G3F Vol.2" contains 16 all new full body poses for G3F!

    CynderBlue has a great new character for Genesis 3 Male. Meet Kern! A hand sculpted model with standard morph additions. "CB Kern G3M" has it all!

    The Triplonian series is BACK baby! We have even more to add to Triplonia. "Triplonia Shaman And Swordmaiden Bundle Poser" and of course for the Daz users "Triplonia Shaman And Swordmaiden Bundle For DS"! But wait there's more! Be sure to also indulge in "
    Triplonia Daily Life Props Set Poser"!

    Finishing off today with a new control by SF-Design. "Tongue Controls For Dracolossus" is in stores now at a sale price for a limited time!

    That's it for today! Enjoy and have a great weekend!


    Triplonia Week 6

    8/26/2016 2:55:42 PM by Teronsuke

    She wanted to go and play, but her mother gave her a stern look and put her to work tidying their home. She screwed her face up into the worst display of disgust she could manage and stirred the pot of stew. Her mother just laughed and shooed her outside to beat the furs free of dirt and debris. Finally an activity that allowed her to vent her frustrations and burn off the excessive energy of youth. Stirring up a cloud of dust with her enthusiastic endeavor with the rug, her mother relented and told her she could go play when she was done with the rug. Before she was even done with the sentence, she heard the beater hit the floor of the hut and when she turned, her daughter was gone.

    Sixus1, SF-Design, Spiritfoxy, and PENDRAGON!!

    8/24/2016 5:13:37 PM by FunFungi

    You wanted more! We got more! Welcome back to CGbytes where all of your 3D dreams come true! Check out what's new in store...

    Starting with Sixus1's new product. A great new kit for your G3F. Perfect for your sci-fi scenes. Get your hands on "Mechanya For Genesis 3 Female" today! And for a limited time this product is on sale!

    SF-Design is back with something great to mix up the styles of your sneakers. "Modern Style Add On For OOT Sneakers" are in store now!

    "Mia For G3F" by Spiritfoxy is here. Mia is beautiful! Your dream girl! Everything you could imagine. Looks like she even has a couple of tattoos! Act on this one fast because it's also on sale for a short time only.

    We had something for your dreams, and now we have something for your nightmares! PENDRAGON's "Insectron For Genesis 3 Male" is available now and boy does this give me the willies!

    There you have it! Enjoy these new products and check back soon because we're always adding more!