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6-24-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Mecha-niacle Pt. 3

6/22/2017 1:57:22 PM by Teronsuke

Continuing the "Mecha-niacle" series, we'll be looking even deeper into the workflows combining Zbrush and Substance Painter to achieve startlingly real PBR texturing. Will cover advanced use of masking and ID maps, as well as Opacity and Emissive channels in Substand Painter

Darkseal, Chaosophia, dravuor, CynderBlue, SynfulMindz, Loki, and SF-Design!!

6/16/2017 4:58:14 PM by FunFungi

Hey everyone! We’re back at it with these great posts to show what’s new in the shop! Let’s not waste any more time and hop right to it! Check it out…
Starting things off today with a fun and fantasy figure by Darkseal! “MyTH – My Tiny Horse” comes with different hair styles and accessories!
We have a couple new awesome texture products available too! Check out “Marble Iray Shaders” by Chaosophia and SF-Design’s “Easy Metal – Custom Shader For Iray”! Both are beautiful textures of metals and marbles.
“Taped” by dravuor is also here where you need to be taped to your best bud or tape together something that’s broken! We’ve got it!
CynderBlue’s “CB Blue Risque G3F” is a new beautiful garment for Genesis 3 Female. Choose from different fabrics and patterns!
SynfulMindz has a great new furniture piece that will look great in your dungeons! “Tie Me Up G3F” comes with a big prop and poses!
Lastly, Loki is here with their first character! Check out “Paige For G3F” today!
There you have it! Enjoy these new products and have a great weekend.


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Finally Going Home Sale & Attractive Shapes For G8F

6/22/2017 11:50:56 PM by Chaosophia

18 days away until I'm finally back home. Lets break it down and celebrate a little.

Armpit Hair Options For Genesis 3 Males And MR

6/11/2017 12:44:19 PM by SF-Design

A wide variety of armpit hair styles for all Genesis 3 Males. Different styles for different occasions. Whether you need a kinda hairy man, a trimmed look or some sparse hair.