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3-3-17 CGbytes Live Stream: Long Dresses

2/23/2017 12:40:39 PM by Teronsuke

One of the most requested topics, long dress, is covered in detail with focus on the specific considerations unique to these kinds of garments. Includes creating custom “body handles” for long cloth deformations, modeling long cloth designs, and tips on sculpting believable morphs for them.

SF-Design, farconville, Freeone, Vunter Slaush, and SynfulMindz!!

2/20/2017 12:47:38 PM by FunFungi

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! Your Monday’s just got a little bit more exciting because we have a bunch of new items available now! Check it out…
This week we focus a little more on our masculine side. We have some brand new socks that you can put into some brand new shoes that are also here! Once you’ve finished putting those on you can slip into some Leather Pants! Then why not jump into your Llamaghini Gallopngo and give it a new add-on!
This isn’t all that’s new today! We have some new facial expressions, legging textures and some fantastic furniture! All this and more  created by SF-Design, farconville, Freeone, Vunter Slaush, and SynfulMindz!!
Enjoy these new ones and have a great day!


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Sport Socks Pack For Genesis 3 Males

2/18/2017 7:00:26 PM by SF-Design

Do you need some sportive socks for your Genesis 3 Male based characters? This product includes 5 socks styles: Sneaker, Ankle, Crew, Soccer and Knee Socks!

Add On For Llamaghini Gallopngo By Mattymanx (Iray Extension)

2/15/2017 7:45:02 AM by SF-Design

Give your Llamaghini Gallopngo sports car a brand new look and use all the benefits of Iray.