Roku Metsuki 2016 For DS
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Reports varied of something perched atop the rooftop corner of various building in Shinsekai after the disaster eventually culminated in photos and online videos of a strange, semi humanoid creature who apparently would simply watch passersby below, the tentacle appendages cresting it's elongated head sometimes draping heavily down, and others, seeming to toss about with the salt water breeze.

The smell of briny sewage wafted about a large perimeter from the creature, possibly some form of defense mechanism. Continued sightings eventually revealed the creature's stranger feature and that for which it became named: three eyes on either side of its long head, yielding six, orange, eyes total, flittering about watching in all directions, looking for who knows what as it's long, forked tongue darted about, seemingly tasting the air in the way a deadly snake may use its tongue for picking up scent.

Package Includes:

Original Figure w/morphs & Textures
14 Poses

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
UPDATED for Daz Studio 4.8+ IRAY

Poser version here



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported

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Roku Metsuki 2016 For DS

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By: Sixus1

"Roku Metsuki" ("Six Eyes")


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