Traditional Christmas Scene For DS
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"This scene is an attempt at capturing the warmth kind of idyllic setting in which I would personally like to be able to spend my holidays. Elements of bygone eras and hints of Victorian design brought together with the intent of a kind of timelessness that I hope others will find as valuable to use for their art as it was to my imagination in creating it. The kit contains a variety of figure, props, lighting and camera presets that hope you will find both useful and, maybe, even a little inspiring given the spirit of joy, warmth and thanks they are meant to evoke."  -Les Garner, aka Sixus1

Included with this set are:

Traditional Christmas Room
High backed chairs
Reading tables
Large floor rug
Fully rigged, sprite based fire figure with realistic texture/emissive light settings
Wall lamps with emissive light settings
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Lights with emissive light settings
Ceiling light with emissive light settings
Various presents props
Stand alone window props for the room
Fully rigged drapes with morphs
Sliding French doors for the room
4 wall art/hung picture props, mapped to allow any appropriately proportioned image to be placed in their contents

Also includes a pre-built scene with numerous cameras already in place with optimized depth of field to get you started!

Poser version is here.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported

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Traditional Christmas Scene For DS

SKU: 56052
By: Sixus1

This is a family room decorated in the traditional Christmas style. Updated for Daz Studio Iray


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