Legacy Davo World Of Pichard Set 2
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Georges Pichard is a famous French artist who dealt in some very graphical fantasy artwork.  The items in these sets
are a tribute to his great style of artwork and ideas.  Collect all the sets for your ever growing library of Legacy Davo products. Set 2 is a collection of boxes and cages to put your favorite V4 or V7 characters in.

Computer Compatibility:
- PC compatible
- Not developed on a Mac. Performance cannot be guaranteed. Adjustments to poses may be required.
- Requires Daz Studio 4.8+
- Basic V4 or V7
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png .jpg and .duf format.
- Stand alone product, does not require other product purchases.

Figure Features:

- Box 1:
This is a metal box with opening for head and hips, it is meant to enclose the arms and chest area. There is a removable back plate to poke your characters arms through and 2 re-positionable skewers on the front of the box. Pose files for V4 and matching poses for the box are provided.
-Box 2:
This is a hybrid box/cage container.  It has sides that are like a cage and sides that are solid wood plates.  The top has a neck hole and swiveling hole cover. Pose files are included to hide the solid wood plates or turn them back on.  Pose files for V4 and V7, the box and any accessories such as chains, stool and accessory stand are included.

- Box 3: This is a metal box that your character is squatting inside.  There are posable access doors on all sides, 2 top covers and a lid to enclose your character’s head.  Pose files to hide the lid are included.  Pose files for V4, the box and any accessories such as chains, stool and accessory stand are included.

- Brazier: This is a large brazier that can be placed underneath any of the boxes in order to heat them up.  Works well with cage 4. An ambient lit material zone on the coals will make them glow in a dimly lit scene.

- Cage 1: This is a morph adjustable cage with 2 skewers and a spiked rod for the crotch area.  The base can be hidden as can the spiked plate for the feet.  Morphs are on most of the parts to adjust their height, width or depth.  Pose files for V4 and V7, the box and any accessories such as chains, stool and accessory stand are included.

- Cage 2: This is a squatting cage made of metal and wood.  The front and back are posable and morph height adjustable, both lock hinges are posable.  4 cleats to attach chains to are included as well as an additional hook ring for attaching tongue rings or other chains to. Pose files for V4, V7, the box and any accessories such as chains, stool and accessory stand are included.

- Cage 3: This is a large, steel holding cage that you can fit several characters inside of. The door and lock hinge are posable.  3 pose files for V4 and V7 standing and sitting in the cage are provided. There are 2 beams at the top of the cage that can be spread apart or re-positioned to hang items from such as chains, hook, etc.

- Cage 4: This is a birdcage style cage.  It has posable cuff rings/chains adjustable bands and holding ring at the top.  The cage has a height morph and the bands have scale morphs so they can be hidden in the dome at the top of the cage. Pose files for V4, the box and any accessories such as chains, stool and accessory stand are included.
- Cage 5:
This is a kneeling cage to keep your character in a kneeling position.  The front and rear stocks are posable. There are 4 cleats to attach things to and posable hinges with posable screws. There are morphs to adjust width/depth or height on many of the parts to accommodate different sized characters.  Pose files for V4, V7, the box and any accessories such and the accessory stand are included.
- Cell:
This is a holding/display cell with posable doors, 2 re-positionable lights, and movable steps. All elements can be moved out of view. What makes this cell unique is the 2 inner walls can be adjusted to make them closer together or farther apart, and the rear wall can be moved forward which allows the cell holding area to be made larger or smaller.
- Chains Dual:  This is a set of 2 medium length chains. These are good for chaining two body parts.  There is an invisible sphere between to chains to move them both at one time.  Pose files for these chains are provided where applicable. 

-Chains Quad: This is a set of 4 long length chains. These chains can be used to chain the boxes and cages down or hang them up. The first segment on each chain is useless for attaching to a cuff ring, these can be moved or scaled out of view or perhaps hidden inside your characters body. The rest of the chain is posed starting with segment 2.

- Accessory Stand:  This is a fully posable stand with length adjustment morphs.  One can smart prop one of the 3 provided smart prop accessories to this stand. Pose files for the accessory stand are provided where applicable.

- Lock 1: This is a posable old style padlock with keyhole.  It is also included in the Pichard Set 1.  You can attach this lock to any of the lock hinge pads on the boxes and cages as well as the cell door.

- Saddle: This is an adjustable/posable steel saddle with 2 adjustable accessories.  It can be placed on the bars of cage 1 and 4.  There is a bar length morph and both the mounting nuts can be moved to a new position or hidden.  No pose files are provided, use as desired.

- Stand 1: This is a morph size adjustable stand good for placing your boxes, cages or characters upon.  No pose files are include, use as desired.

- Stool 1: This is a short stool for your characters to sit on.  It has base height morph and spike length morphs.  Pose files are included where applicable.
Pose library:

Pose files are provided for V4 and V7 with matching load-poses for most of the devices, cuffs and equipment.

All props included in this set have presets available for support of both 3Delight and Iray renders.

Many of Georges Pichard's images depict subjects in extreme and certainly unreasonable pose positions.  This package emulates some of those poses and in some cases, the body limbs may be posed beyond what you would consider reasonable.  In some cases, the side-side bending on some body parts may exceed a few degrees.  This is intentional and part of the package.  Morph adjustments are available to some of the equipment to aid in adjusting poses as desired.

Detailed readme file is included.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
 Genesis 3Genesis 3 Female

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