Wild for V4
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Right out of the jungle! Turn V4 into Jane looking for her Tarzan!

Top, Briefs, Skirt, RightFootWrap, LeftFootWrap

Full Body
Young, Voluptuous, Thin, PearFigure, Fitness, Bulk, BodyBuilder, Amazon

Upper Torso
Inhale, LatsSize, TrapsSize

ArmSize, ShouldersThickness

BreastsSize, BreastsImplant, BreastsDroop, BreastsCleavage, BreastsLarge, NipplesHeight, NipplesDepth, BreastsPerk, BreastsNatural, BreastsHangForward, BreastsDiameter, BreastsFlatten, BreastsCleavageWidth, AreolaSize, AreolaOut, AreolaPerk, Nipples

Lower Torso
WaistWidth, TummyOut, TorsoThickness, StomachDepth, HipsSize, BellyThin, BellyThickness

GlutesSize, GluteRaiseR, GluteRaiseL

ThighsTone, ThighsThickness, ShinsThickness

Aiko 4
Stylized, Realistic, AikoPetite, AikoBody

Adjustment Morphs
AdjustRightSide, AdjustLeftSide, AdjustThighs, AdjustInnerThigh, AdjustWaist, AdjustHips
AdjustButtocks, AdjustBack, AdjustStomach, AdjustTop, AdjustFront, AdjustCups, AdjustBreasts, AdjustTorsoUp, AdjustArms, AdjustCollars, AdjustShins, AdjustRightFoot, AdjustLeftFoot

Skirt Morphs
SkirtFlare, SkirtFlare2, UpFront, BackUp, LeftSideOut, RightSideOut, LeftLegBack, RightLegBack, LeftLegUp, RightLegUp, LeftLegUp2, RightLegUp2

Beast, Cat, Dino, Jungle, Tiger, Zebra
There are 6 high resolution textures, one set with poser materials and one with no poser nodes for older versions of poser and for Daz studio.

Although the skirt follows the legs it will not automatically fit with most poses so some manual adjustment will be required. There are skirt morphs and adjustment morph for this purpose.

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 6+
Daz Studio 4.7+



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.7+
PoserPoser 6+
Other Notes
Daz Studio(May require adjustments )

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

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