Japanese Shinkansen Train Interior
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The Modular section of the Railway carriage provided is based on the interior of a typical Japan Railways Shinkansen (bullet train). The set is well-detailed and near photo-realistic, Reflectivuty, glossiness, metallics, and mattes have all been carefully considered in to the creation of all the interior surfaces.

All interior lighting is permissive under Iray, though the train interior is primarily lit with exterior lighting (provided in the set) 2 or 3 modular sections can be joined together (with intersecting walls hidden) to make a longer carriage if needed.

Nothing kills a vehicle interior scene more than an ugly empty grey void outside the windows!

The supplied scenery prop, provides you with some basic background of foliage rushing past the window to help capture the scene of a train in motion. the tree tops are masked, so your chosen Sky backdrop or HDRI will sit comfortably behind that, or you can just use a block sky color.

The Foliage can be raised or lowered to reveal more background if desired.

For the final touch, the Scennary prop includes a simple mesh lighting rig so the carriage interior is realistically lit from outside by daylight, just as you'd expect in real life.

The Mesh lights come with several presets, to enable even or side-lit interior scenes, they can also be easily turned off -for a night or tunnel scene if desired.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.21
PoserNot Supported
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Japanese Shinkansen Train Interior

SKU: 68817
By: jackinthebox

A detailed section of rail car interior based heavily on a modern Japanese shinkansen bullet train. Complete with Exterior enviroment prop and Mesh lighting set. All Material options are set up for nvida Iray. Files are in.duf format for Daz Studio.


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