Classic Wire Frame Bed
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The Classic Wire Frame Bed is a complete stand-alone product that can be used in Poser and Daz Studio. It contains two separate sets of wire frame beds; "classic" and "modern". Each come with their own accessories that can be used independently of each other. 

Included are the following items:

- "Classic" bed frame'
- Alt."Classic" bedframe with bedcover (non-removable)
- Mattress
- Double pillows
- Single pillow
- Folded bedcover/duvet
- Stylistically compatible bedside table

- "Modern" bed frame
- Mattress
- Pillows
- Duvet

All materials shown in the previews included. 



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 7

Classic Wire Frame Bed

SKU: 64590
By: Henrika

This product includes two separate bed frames, one classic and the other "modern" made out of wrought iron. Mattresses, pillows and duvets are also included, but the bed can also be loaded without them.


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