SC Fantasy Corset 02 for Genesis 8 Female
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Fantasy Corset 02 is a single item underbust corset for the Genesis 8(.1) Female Base. Its part of a new range of individual items and comes with 20 different base materials, 15 Trim Materials and 10 hook materials for hundreds of options.  The Corset has been fitted to all Daz base models. The materials are suitable for contemporary, fantasy or sci-fi application and are split to enable a vast amount of options.
Part of the Solo Range
The Corset has will work with Daz base figures and morphs:
Required :
Genesis 8(.1) Female
1 Item Base
20 Main materials
15 Piping Materials
10 Metal Materials
Iray Complete Mats
Multiple corrective morphs for base figures.
Material options:
Daz3D Studio Iray (.duf)
The maps named 4.10+ give the best results.
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Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8.1Genesis 8.1 Female
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 Female (

SC Fantasy Corset 02 for Genesis 8 Female

SKU: 64425
By: secondcircle

Underbust Corset for G8F


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