VYK Ciara Character & Outfit For Victoria 8.1
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Ciara is a complete character and dForce dress set for Victoria 8.1. Ciara's realistic textures are especially designed to take advantage of Iray's render engine and give you renders so realistic, she'll look ready to walk off the page. Ciara comes with 7 eye color options, 3 eyelash style options and a variety mix and match lip and make-up options. Ciara's dForce mermaid dress comes with six glamourous material presets, but has lots of material zones so you can easily customize it to suit your needs.  Ciara gives you the versatility you're looking for in a character, while highly detailed, advanced Iray shaders give you the realism you crave. Let your creativity run wild with this gorgeous new character and dress set for Victoria 8.1.
What's Included:
VYK Ciara Character
Shaping Presets:
Head Apply/Remove
Body Apply/Remove
Full Character Morph Apply/Remove
Full Character Morphs and Textures Load
Material Options:
1 Default Base Skin
7 Eye Color Options
3 Lash Style Options
2 Lip Gloss Options (matte & glossy)
1 Default Lip Color Option
14 Lip Color Options
1 Makeup Off Utility
1 Makeup Add/Remove Shimmer Utility
14 Makeup Options (7 colors, each in a casual and smokey eyeliner style)
VYK dForce Ciara Dress
6 Material Options for the dForce Dress
Karyssa 8 
Kaylee 8 
Mika 8 
Sakura 8
Tika 8
Aiko 8
Angharad 8
Celani 8
Daisy 8
Girl 8
Honni 8
Kala 8
Kanade 8
Khemsit 8
Mabel 8
MeiLin 8
Millawa 8
Monique 8
MrsChow 8
Nida 8
Teen Josie 8
Topsy 8
Twosret 8
Victoria 8
Victoria 8.1
Zelara 8
Body Size
Body Tone
Bodybuilder Details
Bodybuilder Size
Fitness Details
Fitness Size  
Pear Figure
Areolae Depth
Areolae Diameter
Areolae Perk
Breasts Cleavage
Breasts Diameter
Breasts Downward Slope
Breasts Gone
Breasts Heavy
Breasts Implants
Breasts Natural
Breasts Perk Side
Breasts Shape 01
Breasts Shape 02
Breasts Shape 03
Breasts Shape 04
Breasts Shape 05
Breasts Shape 06
Breasts Shape 07
Breasts Shape 08
Breasts Size
Breasts Small
Breasts Under Curve
Breasts Upward Slope
Calves Size
Collarbone Detail
Costal Angle Arched
Costal AngleP ointed
Glutes Lower Depth
Glutes Size
Glutes Upper Depth
Glutes Width
Hip Bone Crest
Hip Bone Size
Hip Size
Knee Bones Size
Lats Size
Legs Length
Linea Alba Depth
Love Handles
Neck Size
Nipples Depth
Nipples Diameter
Nipples Large
Ribcage Size
Scapula Depth
Scapula Size
Shins Size
Sternum Depth
Sternum Height
Sternum Width
Stomach Depth
Stomach Lower Depth
Stomach Soften
Thighs Size
Thighs Tone
Torso Length
Traps Size
Waist Width
Flex Glute Clench
Flex Quad 
Breasts Flatten
Breasts Hang Forward
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets only are included.
Products Required: Victoria 8.1, Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs, Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs, HD Body Shapes for Genesis 8 Female 
Program Compatibility: DS 4.15 or higher



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.15+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8.1Genesis 8.1 Female

VYK Ciara Character & Outfit For Victoria 8.1

SKU: 64250
By: vyktohria

Ciara is a complete character and dForce dress set for Victoria 8.1.


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