Le Neon
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A package of Neon signs & modular Living Room, "modular" so you can build your own design, load & duplicate & array modules as many as you want & choose where you want the walls & how large is the space & where to place the furniture, & of-course to choose where you want the neons to be.

Included in this package:

* 2 Ready scenes ((Le Neon Room scene, & a showcase scene)) complete with lights/effects/render settings
* 4 Modules props as Room parts ((Ceiling, Door, Floor, wall))
* 1 Light source as an Oval Light Surface Emitter (should help you add extra lighting for your characters if the place is a bit dim)
* 13 Neon signs props
* 17 Props of Room content ((furniture as 3 Sofas with separate toss-pillows, Tables & their content, Home theater as TV & Receiver & speakers))
* 2 Rendering presets Bloom On/Off ((for Neon Glow))
* 2 Materials presets for each ((Wall & Floor))
* 3 Materials presets for each ((Sofa & Toss-Pillows))
* 2 Materials presets for TV ((On & Off))
* Metadata for (Smart-Content) included
* Please checkout my video for more tips n tricks:  https://youtu.be/MWcBb5YvlT4

- Under (!Parts of Place) there is a prop called ((Light Surface)) it is a light source/emitter, if your place is a bit dim/dark & your caharacters are not having enough lighting, then use this prop to add extra lighting to your renders, place & rotate it as you see fit till you get the result you want.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested
Other Notes
(Daz Studio 4.12+)

Le Neon

SKU: 62610
By: zoro_d

Are you a Neon lover ? do you want something stylish with shiny lights & neon signs ? If so, this one is for you.


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