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This package includes:
NEMEZYS character (shaping preset and textures)
NEMEZYS innerskin (suit)
+fiber brows for NEMEZYS

NEMEZYS is based on a Goddess and some fantasy a really mystical girl with a base full mat preset, plus 3 more full mat preset(all of them have Genitalia mat presets)
Package includes many makeups, nails, few toenails, and lips option. Makeups in 2 separate folder one for normal human skin and the other folder includes 2 makeup for NGODDESS1 full preset.


NGODDESS1 full body mat preset it has 2 makeup preset in the Makeup folders GoddessMATmakeups folder, these 2 makeups only for this full mat preset
it will not work well with any other presets

NGODDESS2 full body mat preset this one comes with makeup and GOLD+BLACK tattoos (bodypaint) This preset basicly has makeup, no other makeups fit for this.

REALFACEOFNEMEZYS the last full body material preset this one is a horroristic preset(no makeups fit for this)


Innerskin is a body suit fitted inside to G8F. You need to use it with NGODDESS1 and REALFACEOFNEMEZYS full mat presets.
How to use it? Before you apply NGODDESS1 and REALFACEOFNEMEZYS presets you need to apply inner skin for G8F after these 2 presets.

You will need DAZ anatomical elements G8F genitalia to use the genitalia material presets.
This product does not need any morphs, all morphs were created in zbrush.

Installation & Instructions:
Daz3D: Unzip all files, "data, Documentation, People, Runtime" to your "C: or D:\Users\Public\Public Documents\My DAZ 3D Library


This package include:

NEMEZYS set is an Ancient Sumerian Style outfit set plus some fantasy mix. All items come with nearly the same color settings to fit them to each other,
some of them like the dress, Headwear has transparency options. When you use the dress it has 3 different transp option Transp, Goldtransp, and Silver transp.
Before you use them apply the color preset which you want, before you change for another mat preset use the OFF presets for the transparency presets, Each have their own.
The Headwear has no morphs its fitted to G8F and dForce but it has separate joints(bones) to adjust the back side before simulation
The Headwear2 only fitted to G8F no need bones its fitted in straight position.
PantyLoin fitted to G8F and not to the panty so when you load to the screen select G8F. Anyway loin is dForce and has a few adjust morph to help dForce(before simulation)
Dress dForce as well with some useful morphs to help dForce.

NOTE: When you are using the long dress or the loin with simple poses no need timeline simulation or simulate from memorized pose(Usually)
      With complex poses I STRONGLY RECOMMEND timeline simulation or simulation from memorized pose for the best result.!!!!!!

The set WAS NOT TESTED ON victoria 8, monique 8 or any DAZ characters only on G8F and the base shapes like bodybuilder, heavy etc...!!!!!!!!!!!

Installation & Instructions:
Daz3D: Unzip all files, "data, Documentation, People, Runtime" to your "C: or D:\.................\My DAZ 3D Library



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10
 Daz Studio ArchiveDaz Studio 4.9
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 Female (


SKU: 62571
By: LEONdigital

NEMEZYS character plus NEMEZYS set in one bundle


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