Chameleon Show Bar Core
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The most exclusive gathering point for the elite and of course, it's private and you may join by invitation only. Consider this your personal invitation to the finest in drink, atmosphere and entertainment. For the low initiation fee of $20 you will be granted admission to the entry level portion of the club.
All Silver Level members are evaluated to see who might qualify for elevation to GOLD or even PLATINUM levels at some future date. As you wander around the SILVER level, you will most likely notice the entrances to the Gold and Platinum levels. At this point they are off limits to you but follow the simple rules, enjoy yourself and impress the Membership Committee and you could be offered one or both of these very VIP memberships.
The Show Bar SILVER level features "top shelf" drinks, exciting members and first class entertainment. Remember, what happens at the Show Bar, stays at the Show Bar!
There are a few simple rules that must be followed...
1.  No cash is used in the Show Bar, other than to tip the entertainers, bar tenders or waitresses.
2.  NO guests are allowed in the Show Bar at any time.. you must be a member to gain entrance.
3.  All members are consenting adults, over 25 years old and share a joy of living that you do.
NO MESSING WITH THE ENTERTAINERS OR THE EMPLOYEES OF THE SHOW BAR!! Enjoy the "eye candy" they provide, talk with them but no dating or personal contact will be permitted! That privilege is not allowed in the SILVER level.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.9+
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Chameleon Show Bar Core

SKU: 61535
By: Chameleon

Welcome to the VIP exclusive, members only club in the 3D world. A Show Bar where only the best will do for our members and the liquor is top shelf and the live entertainment never stops.


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