"Hypno-Tronic 2" Mind Control Devices For Daz Studio 4.8+
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Product: Hypno-Tronic 2 for Daz Studio
Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama
Daz Studio Optimization: Freeone
System Requirements:
- PC compatible
- Not tested in Mac
- Requires DazStudio 4.8+
- Basic G3F, G3M and/or V4, M4 for Poses and Smart Props
- Poser 8+ Only version is available with V4/M4 support (sold separately)
- All files in .duf, .dsf, .png and .jpg format.
Figure Library Features:
- Chair: This is a simple restraint chair with an adjustable wrist cuff mount system that works in conjunction with the smart prop basic sci-fi cuffs provided in this package. The seat post, seat, cuff system and two "ports" on the base are all repositionable. Some elements have size/shape morphs. Poses are provided for Genesis 3 male and female.
- Halo 1: This is a head mounted device with right, left and middle armatures that can be posed to fit around your character’s head. There is a repositionable hose base with an easypose hose on the back of the figure. This can be used to pose the hose into the Halo Plug-in figure or any other piece of equipment you might wish to use. The easypose hose has an easypose master bending node every 20 segments (displayed in wireframe mode in poser).
- Halo 2: This is a device that can fit to the sides of your character’s head. It has an easypose hose that can pose back into any piece of equipment such as the Halo Plug-in figure or the Chair figure. There is a width morph dial on the halo that will widen it. There is a receptacle base that can be moved independantly of the halo. The receptacle axle/base can be positioned on a floor, wall, ceiling or other piece of equipment and then the easypose hose can be posed back into the port on the axle.
- Halo Plug-In: This is a machine/display/control panel that you can use to plug your Halo figures into if you wish. It has a repositionable screen, pose-able handle and repositionable port to plug the easypose hoses from the halos (or any other figure with a hose). There are size shape morphs on most body parts for adjustment and modifications. No pose files are provided for this item, however, you can easily position it behind the chair and pose the easypose hoses into it. This figure also has some ambient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly sit scene.
- Sensor 1: This is a simple sensor device that can be attached to your character’s head (or other body parts). It has some size/shape morphs on the base. The hose base is repositionable and has an easypose dial that will shorten or lengthen the entire hose with one dial. The easypose hose has master bending nodes every 20 segments. You can pose this hose into another piece of equipment such as the Halo Plug-In.  Three positioning pose files are provided for Genesis 3 male and female. This figure also has some ambient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly sit scene.
Props Library
----Basic Iron Cuffs Library: ----
These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with various Davo products.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters.  To apply the cuffs, click on your character in your preview window, then click to add each cuff, they will position automatically.
----davo/HypnoTronic 2 library: ----
- Chip 1: (comes in forehead, right/left temple version) This is a simple electronic chip style prop that can be fitted to your character. It has a size/shape morph. This chip also has some ambient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly sit scene.
- Head Set 1: This is a headband that fits to your character’s forehead and covers from temple area to temple area. This Head Set also has some ambient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly sit scene.
- VR Headset: This is a VR style headset that fits over your character’s eyes. It has a morph that can be used to show or hide the status bar on the front of the headset. Inside the headset are some disks that your character’s eyes stare into and become hypnotized. This Head Set also has some ambient lit material zones that will glow in a dimly lit scene.
Readme file: A more detailed readme file is included in the product zip file



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported
Other Notes
(Poser only version sold separately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female
  Genesis 3 Males

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(G3F, G3M, V4 and M4, if used, can be acquired from Daz3d)

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 (https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-3-starter-essentials)

"Hypno-Tronic 2" Mind Control Devices For Daz Studio 4.8+

SKU: 59191
By: DavoFreeone

Adding to your Mind Control arsenal, the Hypnotronic 2 package contains some unique head attachments and controllers to probe deeply into your characters mind. Also includes a new restraint chair to keep your character's in place while you take control.


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