Splashes, Splats, Swirls, Sprays & Gouges
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A collection of 24 3D models of actual fluid simulated splashes, splats, swirls, sprays and gouges for use in your favourite 3D program, including Poser, DAZ Studio and any program that can read Wavefront OBJ files.

Can be used to represent splashes produced on solid on or liquid surfaces of various viscosities. Can be used to represent liquid on liquid collisions, or solid object collisions into liquid or granular solids such as sand and earth.

Includes a range of water materials in Poser. Includes additional Superfly materials that look superb in Poser 11 or higher.

Traditional Poser 6 materials work with older versions of Poser, and may be compatible with DAZ Studio.

Models 100% compatible with DAZ Studio and Poser.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
Other ProgramsOther
PoserPoser 6+
Other Notes
(Materials are NOT compatible with DAZ Studio. Models will work just fine. Also works in any program that can import Wavefront OBJ files using triangulated polygons.)

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Splashes, Splats, Swirls, Sprays & Gouges

SKU: 56624
By: Ace Pyx

24 models of splashes, swirls, gouges and sprays for use in your favourite 3D program.


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