Night Club VIP Lounge And Iray Lights
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A sensual neon-lit Exotic Dancer-Club VIP Lounge Scene Preset for Daz Studio 4.8+ Includes 1-click Set (and Scene) Preset with 2 Iray light Presets. Bring sensuality & excitement to your renders with just one click!

This sexy environment oozes lust & decadence - with 3 separate areas for a price of one. This VIP Exotic Dancer Lounge
offers a perfect 1-click Scene Preset Solution to any of your scenarios. Complete with a wide array of props, this beautiful environment will bring any fantasy to life and breathe a spirit of sexiness into it.

Complete with 2 IRAY Lighting Presets - Default & Bright. The pink & blue neon lights give this VIP Lounge a sensual, red-district-like feel to it - making it perfect for a variety of scenarios.

Or take the light presets, and use them in your own sets & renders to give them an instant boost of flavor & sensuality!

Includes the Main Area with stripper stage and couches, a secondary relaxation area with an exotic oriental rug & futons and a Bedroom complete with a unique decorative element.

Full list of unique scene elements & props:

Champagne Glass
Champagne Bottle
Champagne Bucket
Cognac Bottle
Cognac Glass
Couch Big
Couch Small
Curtain Big
Curtain Small
Decorative Element
Light Neon Blue
Light Neon Pink
Round Beanbag 1
Round Beanbag 2
Round Beanbag 3
Square Beanbag
Small Pillow 1
Small Pillow 2
Small Pillow 3
Small Pillow 4
Small Pillow 5
Small Pillow 6
Small Pillow 7
Small Pillow 8
Stripper Pole
Table Big
Table Small
Table Round Small
Vase 1
Vase 2
Vase 3
Vase 4
Vase 5
Vase 6
Vase 7
Wall Left
Wall Right
Wall Back
Wall Room
Wine Glass


1. Make sure to TURN HEADLAMP OFF as well as render SCENE ONLY under the RENDER SETTINGS - ENVIRONMENT SETTINGS tab. That will allow you to use only the provided preset Iray lighting.

2. This Set has been designed for use EXCLUSIVELY IN IRAY renderer in order to create beautiful Iray lighting and some items include only Iray Shaders which will not render with 3Delight.

*CGbytes Artistic Group Renders may contain items not available in this product

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8
PoserNot Supported

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Night Club VIP Lounge And Iray Lights

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A sensual neon-lit Exotic Dancer-Club VIP Lounge Scene Preset for Daz Studio 4.8+ (IRAY ONLY) Includes a beautiful 1-click Environment Preset with 2 alluring Iray light Presets. Bring sensual & exciting environment & lighting to your renders with just one click!


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