Poison's Details : Towels
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"Poison's Details : Towels" is a set with a morphable towel prop and a posable towel figure.

The morphable towel prop contains several morphs that must be used individually. The morphs are : 4 x "hanged", 2 x "At Hand", 4 x "On Floor", 3 x "Convoluted", 2 x "Folded" and 1 x "Roll".

The posable towel figure is a convoluted towel that can be adjusted to the desisred pose. It contains morphs that also must be used individually. It are : 2 x "Roll" and 2 x "Spread".

This pack also provide some textures, mostly based on the DS4's "Layered Image Editor" feature (LIE).

Both items are partially compatible with textures from "Towel Set for Genesis" from DAZ3D, so you can use several textures from this product.

"Poison's Details : Towels" is DS4 only product. The DSON conversion to Poser is possible and it was tested, but this author CAN'T provide any kind of warranty or support when using this product in Poser. The author is not a Poser user anymore.

-Daz Studio
Not tested in or recommended for Poser



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.6+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Poison's Details : Towels

SKU: 46859
By: Poison

Details...yes, the details make all the difference on your renders. The natural folds of these towels will add a touch of realism to your work.


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