DeepSpace3D's S'erpatha Xenotype 001


A species so completely and utterly alien, a species whose origins are shrouded in the darkest depths of deepest space. Several different xenotypes have so far been identified and it is feared there are more out there?..
The S?erpatha ? believed to be controlled by a hive mind, as yet to be identified.
The S?erpatha ? powerfully attracted to human females. You have been warned!

Fully poseable character with several poses and MAT files included.

Readme may contain additional info. Please see vendor's documentation after download for any additional information.

computer: PC

description:Poser-ready character for Poser 5 and above. Not tested in Daz Studio.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 5+

DeepSpace3D's S'erpatha Xenotype 001

SKU: SKU2483
By: DeepSpace3D

DeepSpace3D's S'erpatha Xenotype 001


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