DeepSpace3D's Alien Labz 02


 A multi-part scenery prop that can be loaded in its entirety with one click. A choice of 7 IBL lightsets provides even illumination thru' use of a pointlight and single IBL light per lightset. Four different cameras are provided to aid rendering the scene. Perfect for scifi renders that require both a touch of realism and something different and obviously alien.

Needed Files List and System Required:

Poser 5 or greater

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 5+

DeepSpace3D's Alien Labz 02

SKU: SKU28748
By: DeepSpace3D

Alien Labz 02 is a multi-part scenery prop complete with 7 IBL lightsets and 4 pre-set cameras for ease of posing and rendering.


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