Absentia G3F
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Dressed to kill.
A breathtaking outfit for your Genesis3Females.
You get:
-Absentia Corset for Genesis3Female
-Absentia Thong for Genesis3Female
-4 Mats, iray optimized
Note: Please avoid extreme posing, due to the corset's restraining
Included Morphs:
Bethany7, Eva7, Gia7, Girl7
Karen7, Olympia7, Victoria7
BodySize, BodyTone, BodybuilderDetails, BodybuilderSize
FitnessSize, Voluptuous
BreastsCleavage, BreastsDiameter, BreastsHeavy
BreastsImplants, BreastsImplantsL, BreastsImplantsR
BreastsNatural, BreastsNaturalL, BreastsNaturalR
BreastsShape01, BreastsShape02, BreastsShape03, BreastsShape04
BreastsShape05, BreastsShape06, BreastsShape07, BreastsShape08
BreastsSize, BreastsSmall, BreastsUnderCurve
Adjust Back, Adjust BackBottom, Adjust BackTop
Adjust Breasts, Adjust Hip, Adjust HipFront, Adjust Stomach, Adjust Waist
Adjust lBreastLeft, Adjust lBreastRight, Adjust lBreastUnder, Adjust lBreastUnder2
Adjust rBreastLeft, Adjust rBreastRight, Adjust rBreastUnder, Adjust rBreastUnder2
Adjust lPectoralDN_10, Adjust lPectoralSide_10, Adjust lPectoralSide_N10, Adjust lPectoralUD_N10
Adjust rPectoralDN_10, Adjust rPectoralSide_10, Adjust rPectoralSide_N10, Adjust rPectoralUD_N10
Absentia Thong Morphs
Bethany7, Eva7, Gia7, Girl7
Karen7, Olympia7, Victoria7
Adjust Crotch, Adjust Hip,
pJCMThighFwd_115_L, pJCMThighFwd_115_R
pJCMThighSide_85_L, pJCMThighSide_85_R
You need:
Genesis 3
Victoria 7
DAZ Studio 4.8+
Does not work in Poser



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 Female (https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-3-starter-essentials)

Absentia G3F

SKU: 61745
By: SynfulMindz

Dressed to kill. A breathtaking outfit for your Genesis3Females.


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