Ultimate Skin Moisture v1.2 CORE G8-8.1F
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Ultimate Skin Moisture system for G8-8.1 Female Version 1.2!
CORE plus Soaking Wet Water pack!
This isn't like any wet skin product you've ever used, and we didn't decide to call it "Ultimate" without good reason!
Version 1.2 features completely remastered maps and an optimized shader! Easier to use, the optimized shader means you can be confident it will look great as soon as you apply it with no more overwhelming toolkit. We've spent 4 months updating the system to make it as simple as Apply the Shell, Choose the Material and Render! With added compatibility with Genesis 8.1 and more body grafts, Ultimate Skin Moisture is more Ultimate than ever!
FREE Update!
If you had already purchased this product before the 1.2 Update, the new 1.2 files are available for you to download NOW!
Ultimate Skin Moisture uses realistic maps and shaders to give you amazing wet effects! We "Future Proofed" this system with 4 to 6k maps so the higher resolution you render it, THE BETTER IT LOOKS! We also designed the system to be low impact on your memory, even with these high rez maps, there is low impact on your vRam!

This core set includes:
 - G8-8.1 Male Ultimate Moisture Shell compatible with Breastacular, Golden Palace v2+ and Lickalicious by default. USM v1.2 has added Cluster Bomb (may require some user adjustment) Futalicious v3.2+ with Full Monty BBQ and Fender Blender! Materials now apply to all these graft areas automatically. 
 - Futalicious also gets a separate "FutaLuscious" shell to control its wetness independantly and enable future goodies!
 - 9 Wetness Presets featuring 3 drop densities, each with 3 "Skin Gloss" levels to control the glossiness between droplets!

Tools Included:
 - Opacity and Clarity for special lighting situations, however the optimized shader means wetness is ready to go on the default application almost every time!
 - Displacement Copy Script by Meipe. Use of the displacement copy tool is recommended for advanced users familiar with the Surfaces tab and requires user manual adjustments. Most Human Figures do not use Displacement in their materials.
Breastacular Enhancement is now default on all Female materials! Maps add density around the breasts, minimizing drop distortion on larger breast sizes!
Special Notes-
This product is IRAY ONLY, and may not be visible unless previewing in iRay mode or rendering in iRay.
Extreme Bends or Morphs can distort droplets. Anything that would distort your figures skin materials will distort USM droplets.
Older versions of Futalicious will also work with the Futaluscious Shell, however Roasty is not officially suported at this time and will require user manual adjustment through the surfaces tab.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10+
 Daz Studio 4.12+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8.1Genesis 8.1 Female
 Genesis 8Genesis 8 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 8 Female (https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-8-starter-essentials)

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Ultimate Skin Moisture v1.2 CORE G8-8.1F

SKU: 62395
By: Thunder-3D

Just in time for summer, get wet n wild with the USM CORE plus Soaking Wet Water Pack! Updated to Version 1.2!


20% off until 1/23/2022

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