Premier Advantage


Upgrade to PREMIER ADVANTAGE now and receive a THREE MONTH membership and 600 PREMIER POINTS along with these amazing benefits!


For the Art Lover
  • Unlimited Viewing of Public Gallery Items
  • Ability to purchase Premier Gallery Items
  • Receive 10 complimentary Premier Gallery Item views every day of your membership
  • Create up to 50 Favorites Lists of your favorite images and animations
  • Create up to 50 Watch Lists of your favorite artists
For the Artist
  • Add your own Blog to your Artists' Studio
  • Create and manage your own Community Groups
  • See who's Watching you with your own Followers list
  • Create up to 50 Gallery Folders for categorizing your artwork
  • Create lists of your own favorite artwork to show off in your Artists' Studio
  • Upload up to 15 Gallery Items per day
  • Maximum file size for individual Gallery Items increased to 4MB
  • Customize who can Rate and Comment on your artwork


NOTE ON RENEWAL: The renewal cost after three months is 250 points per month and is automatically deducted from your available Points total. Members can manage their memberships from within the My Account control panel.

Need more points?  Select from the available options here.  However, you do not require more points to start enjoying Premier Advantage now!

You must read and agree to the Premier Advantage Terms and Conditions before purchasing. By making a purchase, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Premier Advantage

By: Premier

Make the most of your Premier experience today with this 3 month subscription and 600 complimentary Premier points!


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