The Big Bath At Anatopalia
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The Big Bath is just that - an extra large bathtub, which I initially conceived to be an addition to Anatopalia's bungalow.  The idea was to have something grand that took complete advantage of the view out the front plate glass window. 

NOTE: I'm well along in updating Anatopalia's main features.  The bungalow itself is nearly complete.  I've redone the staircase and tightened up the mesh and UVs for the bungalow, and installed a retractable skylight.  The bungalow update will be a free upgrade to those who already own Anatopalia. 

Back to the bath.  The bathtub itself is divided in to five material surfaces:

1) Outer shell
2) Inner shell
3) Bench
4) Tub bottom
5) Drain cover
There is also an emissive surface which runs along the bottom of the wrap around bench, creating diffuse light for night time shots.  The drain cover is an actual mesh, not merely a material hack.

By default, the bathtub loads with the NVIDIA MDL white marble shader on all tub surfaces, set to a very low gloss setting.  However this can be changed with a few mouse clicks, and the default shader is provided as a material preset in the event the user wants to go back to that.  There is also an Iray Uber Base default material setting to make it quick for the user to start from Iray scratch. 

The tub sits on four gold claw feet.

The plumbing was more of an issue.  I finally settled on simplicity, and came up with what I think is an elegant design.  It is surfaced to have ivory (no, not real ivory) handles, a gold faucet, and gold trim on the handles.  The piping which runs down through the floor is surfaced in chrome.  These are all Iray shaders which come standard with Daz Studio.  A lot of care was taken to make sure that this plumbing fixture holds up well at base resolution and also at high resolution.  You should be fine at base resolution, there are no ugly turns or corners on this mesh.

All of this sits on a floor which is sized to allow characters to stand around the tub in various activities.  This floor is another separate mesh, which is UV'd to allow the user to experiment with colors and surfaces.  It is provided by default with a low gloss white color, but will accept both MDL shaders and any image the user wishes to try out.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.10+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

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