SenShu Kami Ippon 2017 DS
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"Senshu Kami Ippon" (Tyrant Demon the First)

A massive creature of exposed musculature and bone formations, it's grotesque appearance only surpassed by it's talent for violence and insatiable hunger, the "tyrant demon" first appeared in a village a few kilometers from the original Fukushima site, randomly laying waste to anything in it's path.  The first sightings after the Kyoushin (Great Earthquake), and one of the most horrific, only one instance of the “Senshu Kami Ippon” has been confirmed, but his terrible presence and the carnage left in his wake were the events that lead the prefecture authorities to assemble the Paranormal Response Task Force.

Product File Includes:

Senshu Kami Ippon original figure for Daz Studio
 6 poses for Senshu Kami Ippon

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Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported

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SenShu Kami Ippon 2017 DS

SKU: 56381
By: Sixus1

Original Figure with Morphs, Textures, and Poses, Updated for Daz Studio


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