DrTaJ's Wounds 1 Postwork Kit Photoshop Edition


DrTaj presents: Wounds 1 Postwork Kit Photoshop Edition

Diane surveyed the scene that confronted her, heart hammering as once more she wished she had never given up smoking....

Blood dripped from the computer monitor and from the vicious knife wound. Blistered flesh bubbled and dripped pus from the brands inflicted with hot irons. She flinched as she examined the vampiric bite mark fear pulsing through her body until her gaze finally rested on scabs encrusting the foot long crudely stitched incision. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “What are we dealing with? Some kind of twisted serial killer or a blood crazed vampire?”

SysAdmin stared in disbelief and poured her a sweet sherry to calm her nerves, before turning her around to face him. “There’s a note!” he exclaimed as he sat her down at her terminal. “Let me read it!” she instructed as she sipped on her drink. With trembling fingers she read the letters scrawled upon the paper…

New from Hands Across the Big Pond Inc the latest DrTaJ Post-work kit. Six special effects to add that special something to your renders! Over 50 layers capable of turning even the most ardent horror fan green only from Hands Across the Big Pond Inc, accept no imitations!

Diane slumped into her chair and slowly shook her head. “Oh my God, I’ve created a monster!” she sighed.

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computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: Postwork layers set for Photoshop. Over 50 Photoshop postwork layers to simulate stabwounds, stitched scars, skin blemishes,bullet wounds etc for use in post work or on character textures prior to render.

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DrTaJ's Wounds 1 Postwork Kit Photoshop Edition

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By: DrTaJ

DrTaJ's Wounds 1 Postwork Kit Photoshop Edition


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