Master Skin Resource 5 - Genesis 2 Male
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Master Skin Resource 5 - Genesis 2 Male

- This product is a Merchant Resource.
- You can alter or not the included textures before you sell them.
- Please state the use of this product in your ReadMe files.
- The use of the included textures (partial or complete) to make another Merchant Resource or similar competing product is prohibited.
- You are not allowed to resell the included textures if they have been modified/converted to a figure with different texture maps (different UV map). This Merchant Resource can only be used for the creation of textures for the default UV Map of Genesis 2 Male figure.
- You are not allowed to create freebies with this product, it is only meant to be distributed as a commercial product.
- If you have any question about this product please contact me. Thank you.

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Photoshop or other image editing program
Not ready for use in Poser or Daz Studio, this is a RESOURCE FILE ONLY



Application Compatibility

Other ProgramsOther(other image editing program)
Other Notes
(Not ready for poser or daz, resource file only)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 2Genesis 2 Male

Master Skin Resource 5 - Genesis 2 Male

SKU: 48887
By: 3dream

Master Skin Resource 5 is a complete merchant resource for Genesis 2 Male.


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