DeepSpace3D's S'erbayen Xenotype 01


 CLASSIFIED: Little is still known about the S'erbayen, but the bio-science council is now certain they are closely linked to the S'erpatha that have become the scourge of several of our more isolated colonies. The council is concerned that, like the S'erpatha, there may be several type of S'erbayen. Discovery of this latest Xenotype has confirmed the existence of at least two types. Initial findings indicate the S'erbayen to have some influence over, perhaps even total control of, the S'erpatha thus far identified. Consequently, the S'erbayen is considered to pose as great a threat as the S'erpatha, if not more. All colonies, vessels and agencies have been warned of the threat - particularly to human females. Addendum: The S�erbayen have been confirmed as the next level closer to the Hive Mind. More detailed information will be released in due course. Fully poseable character with several poses included. Free scenery prop included. Computer: PC Description: Poser-ready character for Poser 5 and above. Not tested in Daz Studio.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 5+
Other Notes

DeepSpace3D's S'erbayen Xenotype 01

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By: DeepSpace3D

S�erbayen Xenotype 01


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