DeepSpace3D's Golgoroth Hunter


The Xenobiology Council has been notified of a new species that is causing some concern: The Golgoroth. There are believed to be several different sub-species of Golgoroth, but as yet only the Hunter xenotype has been confirmed. All personnel are warned that the Golgoroth Hunter is a fast, vicious predator and should not be approached under any circumstances. Of particular concern is the creature's apparent ability to track and locate its prey in complete darkness. Human females have been noted to be particularly vulnerable to its attentions, leading the Council to surmise that it may be sensitive to female pheremones. Poser-ready character with 3 different textures, easily loaded by MAT file. Several starter poses are provided. PC only. Poser 5 and up compatible. Not tested with, but should work in Daz Studio.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 5+
Other Notes
Daz Studio(should work with adjustments)

DeepSpace3D's Golgoroth Hunter

SKU: SKU28691
By: DeepSpace3D

DeepSpace3D presents: The Golgoroth Hunter, a larger-than life alien character for Poser 5 and up. PC only, compatible with Poser 5 and greater. Should work in, but not tested in Daz Studio.


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