DeepSpace3D's Triped Guardian


 Triped Guardian is a versatile figure that comes with 6 high resolution texture and bump maps, 3 MAT poses and 7 figure poses. The head has 2 morph targets for the mouth and tongue, and a grasp parameter dial to control the mandibles. Both hands also have Grip parameter dials for ease of control. All in all, a great creature for any sci-fi or horror render. What's Included & Features: Triped Guardian cr2 Grasp / Grip dials for the mandibles and hands for ease of posing. Mouth and tongue morphs. 6 high resolution texture maps: 3 color texture maps @ 3072 x 3072. 2 bump maps @ 3072 x 3072. 1 specular map @ 3072 x 3072. 3 MAT poses to apply texture, bump and specular maps. 7 figure poses: Zeroed Figure. Confront 01. Run 1. Run 2. Surprised 01. Threaten 1. Walk 1.pz2

Needed Files List and System Required:

Poser 5 or greater

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 5+

DeepSpace3D's Triped Guardian

SKU: SKU28751
By: DeepSpace3D

The Triped Guardian... A creature of nightmares, a 3-legged monster from deepest, darkest space


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