Madlab 6 "Core Package" For DS 4.8+
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Madlab 6 "Core" Package for Daz Studio
Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama
Daz Studio Optimization: Freeone
System Requirements:
- PC compatible
- Not tested in Mac
- Requires DazStudio 4.8+
- Basic G3F and V4 for Poses
- Poser 8+ Only version is available with V4/M4 support (sold separately)
- All files in .duf, .dsf, .png and .jpg format.
Figures Library Features:
Lab Room Library
- Lab Ceiling Lamp 1: This is a large, circular ceiling lamp that can be parented to the ceiling or a wall.  It has a depth and overall size morph for adjustments. You could add the Ceiling Lamp 2 figure to the Ceiling 1 lamp for an interesting combination. The bulbs on this figure have ambient lit material properties that will glow in a dimly lit scene.
- Lab Ceiling Lamp 2: This is a posable and morph adjustable ceiling or wall lamp with adjustable armature. It has some size/shape morphs. Add as many of these lamps to your scene as you wish. The bulbs on this figure have ambient lit material properties that will glow in a dimply lit scene.
- Lab Floor-Ceiling: This is a figure with a large floor panel and ceiling panel. You can use this add any of the Lab Wall figures to. Position the Lab Wall figures as you want them, parent them to the floor and memorize all the elements. There is a length and width morph for the floor and ceiling parts.
- Lab Wall 1: This is a cool looking Wall segment with a reflective finish viewing window. You can place a room and figures behind the windows and adjust the windows transparency as desired. The glass on the window is two sided and has a different material zone for each side.  There are some ambient lit material elements on this figure that will glow in a dimly it scene. Arrange and place as many of these walls into a scene as you wish.
- Lab Wall 2: This is a wall segment with sliding door elements so you can enter and exit the room. There are some ambient lit material elements on this figure that will glow in a dimly it scene. Arrange and place as many of these walls into a scene as you wish.
- Lab Wall 3: This is a simple wall segment. There are some ambient lit material elements on this figure that will glow in a dimly it scene. Arrange and place as many of these walls into a scene as you wish.
- Lab Riser Tank: This is a raised platform with a floor and ceiling element. It has a sliding glass wall that can move up and down so the platform will appear to be a sealed tank. The glass wall segment has depth morphs on the top and bottom for positioning needs. You can move the glass wall out of view if you don't want it in your scene.
- Table Lift: This is a cool lift figure that you can place your tables and equipment on and them lift them up off the floor for an elevated platform look and feel. There are size/shape morphs on the base and lift for sizing adjustments.
Pre-Assembly Library:
There are three pre-assembled rooms with the walls and ceiling lamps parented to the ceiling and floor. The walls can be repositioned or moved out of view for good camera views.  
Equipment Library Features
--Chair 1 Library:--
- Chair 1: This is a restraint chair with built-in adjustable arm and leg cuffs, a head probe system, lower tool holder armature, tentacle tool hose and a fluid tank. The cuffs have size/shaping morphs to better fit your characters. This figure is symmetrical mirroring so you can pose half your favorite character and half the chair, then mirror both the character and the chair to the right or left side for faster posing.
There is an articulated head probe with 3 posable armatures for doing head scans or other procedures. The arms on the head probe are also symmetrical mirroring. There is a fluid tank on the back side of the chair with a morphing fluid level. The tool armature is posable, the tentacle tool hose has easypose bending technology built into segments of the hose. The Tentacle tool head has an overall hose length morph dial built in that will scale the full length of the hose if you wish. There is also a tentacle tool head receptacle that you can pose the hose into. There are smart prop tools in the props library that will fit into the tool armature and tentacle tool head automatically. A Pose file for M4, V4 (G3F and G3M in DS version) and matching pose files for the chair is provided.
--Computers Library:--
- Comp Station 1: This is a computer station with joystick and posable monitor. You can add this computer station to your scene to make it more interesting. The monitor has size/shape morphs. There are ambient lit material zones on this figure that will glow in a dimly lit scene.
- Monitor 1 Xtra: This is a stand alone duplicate of the comp station 1 monitor and can be added to any room or scene.
- Stool: This is a simple seating stool with some size/shape morphs.
--Op Mech Library:--
- Operations Mech: This is a tool holding armature device that you can use in conjunction with any of the tables, rack and chair figures in the Madlab 6 products. The base of the figure has a height adjustment for the tool armature housing. There are size/shape morphs built into the housing. There are three armatures for holding the smart prop tools (provided in the props library). The right and left tool arms are symmetrical mirroring.  Each part of the armatures has some length/size morphs built in for good positioning.  The tool holder head has a scope attached to it. The scope and tool head has a length morphable laser beam built in. Use the morph dials to adjust the laser.  The scope has morphs that can hide it from view and the tool head has morph to hide the scope mount. There are smart prop tool heads in the props library that are positioned for each tool head. You can use a combination of any of the tool heads.
- OpArm Full: This is a stand alone armature taken from the Operations Mech. It can be used by placing it on the floor, wall, ceiling or another piece of equipment. It has all the same morphs as the Operations Mech armatures and also has a set of smart prop tool tips in the props library.
- OpArm Short: This is a stand alone armature taken from the Operations Mech. It has fewer armature segments than the OpArm Full. You can attach this armature to other pieces of equipment or tables. It also has a set of smart prop tool tips in the props library.
--Tables Library--
- Table 1: Table 1 is a fully articulated and angle adjustable restraint table with unique hand and foot cuffing system. The table has an angle adjustable post/support with length morph adjustments. There is a posable head rest system and a built in, re-positional computer display keyboard system. Each hand and foot cuff has an easypose morph dial that will adjust the full length of the easypose tubing hose that is attached to them. You can position the cuffs, then pose the easypose hoses back toward the re-positional hose receptacles on the table. Each hose has an easypose bending control node
every 20 segments. The cuff hand and foot holder bars have a hole diameter morph as well to accommodate various characters. This table is symmetrical mirroring side to side except for the easypose hoses, which cannot be mirrored.  Pose files are provided for M4, V4 (G3F/G3M in DS version).  
- Table 2: This is an adjustable angle examination or restraint table. It has a sliding armature system so the table can be used to slide into or under another piece of equipment such as the MRI machine. There are length/size shaping morphs on most elements on this table. There are hand and foot restraint mounts built into the table. There is a pose file included that will hide the cuffs if they are not wanted. There is also a monitor/abdominal restraint that can fit across your characters’ waist. It has sizing morphs or can be moved out of view.  Pose files are provided for M4, V4, G3F/G3M.
Props Libraries:
--Basic Sci-fi Cuffs Library:--
(separate libraries provided for V4 and M4 plus Genesis 3 male and female in the DS version)
These libraries contain smart prop wrist and ankle cuffs to use in conjunction with the most of Davo's packages.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters.
Operations Mech Tool Tips
These props are provided in a stand alone (non smart prop) version and smart prop version for the following figures:
Operations Mech
OpArm Full
OpArm Short
Chair 1 Tool Arm and Tentacle arm
These are provided in separate libraries.  Descriptions below:
- Blade: A simple blade for cutting, it has a size/shaping morphs.
- Tool: A tool with some size/shape morphs.
- Syringe: A simple syringe with size/shape morphs, plunger morph.
- Vacuum: A vacuum tube and built in fluid tank with morphing fluid level. The tube has some size/shape morphs.
- Scanner: A simple body scanner head with size/shaping morphs
- Drill Bit: A nasty drill bit with size/shaping morphs..
- Pincher: A pincher/tweezer style tool head with open/closing and size/shape morphs.
Pose Libraries:
Poses are provided for V4, M4, Genesis 3 male and Female for most of the equipment and matching poses for the equipment.
Readme File: A more detailed readme file is provided in the product zip file.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported
Other Notes
(Poser only version sold separately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4
  Victoria 4
 Genesis 3Genesis 3 Female
  Genesis 3 Males
Other Notes
(G3F, G3M, V4 and M4, if used, can be acquired from Daz3d)

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(G3F, G3M, V4 and M4, if used, can be acquired from Daz3d)

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 (

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