DrTaJ's Hair Studio


From lovingly hand painted Photoshop layers of sumptuous tresses, to specially created Photoshop brushes and colour palettes...

This pack contains everything you need to master hair in your post work.

Whether you are new to post work or a professional you will find something here to help you achieve the quality of image that you envisioned.

Readme may contain additional info. Please see vendor's documentation after download for any additional information.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: PSD Postwork kit. Inside the hair studio you will find four sets of Photoshop brushes, one colour chart and one Photoshop psd file containing hand painted layers of sumptuous tresses.

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

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DrTaJ's Hair Studio

SKU: SKU2070
By: DrTaJ

DrTaJ's Hair Studio


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