christiandarkin's Facial Hair
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You wouldn’t render eyes nose and mouth as a texture painted onto a flat head. So why render facial hair as part of a painted texture?.

Body hair will look substantially different when viewed from different angles, so why not render it as fully 3D geometry?These 12 exceptionally realistic beards and moustaches were created for Michael, but can - if slightly adjusted in position and scale work well with other Poser characters.

Because the hair is modeled as real strands (not transparency maps or textures) it will look correct from any angle, it will be convincing during animation and it will cast and receive shadow just like any real object (although, because the beards are parented to the face, rather than being attached to the individual vertices, you’ll have to adjust them a little when the character opens his mouth).

Poser hair is fine for creating dynamic head hair, but body hair requires more subtlety and a higher level of control, so an external package was used to create the facial hair in this package. This means not only that the models are better quality than Poser’s hair, but also that they render properly at any resolution, they don’t need any special setting up and they don’t need a version of Poser which renders hair.

They work completely independently of Poser hair. Just click to add beards, moustaches or sideburns to a character. The beards can also be layered for a thicker effect, coloured or combined (so you can add any moustache to any beard).

However, it’s worth a note that some of the larger beards (especially the Wildman, and Sage beards) are very complex objects and can impact rendering time and performance so don’t expect an instant render with IBL on full quality!

Readme may contain additional info. Please see vendor's documentation after download for any additional information.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: Items set for Poser.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Michael 4

christiandarkin's Facial Hair

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By: christiandarkin

christiandarkin's Facial Hair


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