3DPoetry's Gangriel Wings II
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Welcome to Gangriel's incredible world.
Her versatile set of wings allow her to glide through the night sky unnoticed,
or allow her to stand out in a crowd in style.
With her flesh tone coloured wings she has the ability to blend in,
or make a statement with her bold designs.
Gangriel's Wings II have been designed to stand alone and conform to the majority of Poser characters (including Daz's Millennium characters) and body shapes.
With 38 posable bones in her wings, thousands of posing possibilities are possible.
Or if you like you can utilize one of the 39 preset poses (inclusive of Wings, V4, and mirrors).
For the more adventurous Gangriel's Wings II has 29 sequenced (animated) dials to play with.
Gangriel's Wings come complete with the following
39 Preset Poses for Gangriel's Wings and V4, including mirrored poses.
13 Fit Dials to suit Millennium Characters, G2, and body shapes.
19 Animated movement poses controlled by Master Dials
7 Animated style poses controlled by Master Dials
3 Animated wing shapes controlled by Master Dials
44 Left and Right Wing Joint Controlled Morphs
5 Body Joint Controlled Morphs
High Resolution Maps (3000 X 3000) for the Wings
17 Ensembles (Combined wing Materials)
18 Wing Materials
16 Transparency options
10 Limb Materials
10 Horn Materials
6 Tips Materials
See the Read_Me file for a full list of morphs and options.
Promotional Hair, Clothing, and props are not included in this package.
Promo images credits:
Aether Hair (Renderosity)
Espresso Hair (Daz3d)
Lucrezia Hair (Daz3d)
Lykia Hair (Renderosity)
Earth warden (Daz3d)
The Sentry (Daz3d)
Unity (Renderosity)
Darkling (Daz3d)
Blood Bound (Daz3d)
Aether (Renderosity)
** Characters
Aeron (Renderosity)
Gangriel (Coming soon to Renderosity)
System Requirements:
PC ONLY , Not tested on Mac
Poser 7 and above (Compatible with earlier versions)
Different types and styles of lighting may cause the files to appear different than may appear in promos.
Extreme posing will cause the mesh to react in an unusual manner. Notably when using the supersize morph.
Many thanks in advance for having faith in my products.
Enjoy the day.
Ownership Statement:
All of the content in this package was created by Tony Corkery (3D Poetry)
Usage or Limitations:
You may not sell the content of this archive, de-compile, modify or claim it as your own.
You may not redistribute through a website or on a compilation CD of any kind.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 7
Other Notes
Poser(Compatible with earlier versions not specified)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
 Other(Daz Millennium Characters)

3DPoetry's Gangriel Wings II

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