Project Evolution Content Support Kit (Beta)
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If you do not fear a bit of tinkering in Poser, then this should be just the thing for you if you want to make content for Evolution (for private or commercial use). To be honest, this might be easier than you think. Its just a bunch of steps and button-pressing.
This package contains four mannequins that can help transfer vital information for your content, from converting old V4 content to rigging your special made content for Evolution. 
I've seen many of my beta testers play with this system quite successfully. Its not fool-proof but it mostly does work! Be warned, this is still in the beginning stages, so much more can be done with this method. If you step into this program now in the beta stage, you'll be updated forever. 
•       Cloth Mannequin
•       Skintight Mannequin
•       Dress Mannequin
•       Hair Mannequin
•       Scenes to help you along
•       V4 Poses and morph injection to transfer V4 Content to PE
•       Texturing meshes posed and prepared in UV island groups*
•       Detailed manual with instructions
•       Instructions on how to set up dynamic clothing
*could be improved according to your recommendations

Requires Project E Early Edition to function

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 10
 Poser 11

Project Evolution Content Support Kit (Beta)

SKU: 58316
By: Erogenesis

Help make content for Project Evolution using this experimental method. This is still beta, its a little messy, but it does work! There's a lot more potential in this method, I think.


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