Hunterfiend - Beast Butcher
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"Though the flesh is twisted and cursed by the horrid, poisoned lands of the dying Earth, in it can be seen the shadows of something once human.  These dread creatures of rage and hate are terrifying enough to make the wise think twice about wandering the old places... To even consider some retain enough humanity to wield tools and weapons, yet not enough not to feed on people, is too horrifying.  It is not hard to imagine what such a beast might use a machete for, or how easily a blade with that kind of radiation mutated muscle behind it can slice off limbs and hew bone."

Express the rage, pain, and hate these horribly mutated beastly creatures of the apocalypse feel.

• 15 Poses for the Hunterfiend, with mirrors (30 Poses in all)
• 4 Grip Poses for the Machete
• 16 Expressions

Some of the poses include expression data. A default face expression is included if you wish to reset the expressions.
This product requires:
Poser 9+
Hunterfiend by Sixus1 Media



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 9
Other Notes
Daz Studio(May or may not work in Daz Studio, the author does not support Daz Studio)

Figure Compatibility

Other FiguresOther(Sixus1 Media's Hunterfiend)

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Hunterfiend - Beast Butcher

SKU: 55212
By: KageRyu

Beastly, machete wielding butcher poses for Sixus1's Hunterfiend figure. • 15 Poses with mirrors (30 Poses total) • 4 Grip Poses for the Machete • 16 Expressions.


25% off until 7/8/2022

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