Director's Chair 3D Object
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Product Description:  Director’s chair, This is a simple .obj file for set design or furniture use.
Texture included with space in the texture to add the title of your movie, or the Directors name. 
Generally scaled but not exclusively for poser figures.
(Also see #10 below for complete files List)
This product is for use in any software that can open: 
FBX files (.fbx) and/or Wavefront object files.(.obj)  
UV mapped All Quads and Tris (non-overlapping)
Tested in: GLC Object Player, FBX review, Cheetah 3D, and Poser Pro 2014 Poser Dev
Textures Included: This product uses:
image maps for textures. 1024 x 1024
Template (if included): 1024 x 1024
File Format: FBX and/or Wavefront OBJ
This product contains: FBX and/or OBJ files.
Polygon Count: 974   approx   Vertices: 916 approx 
Poser Tips: Import obj with only (normals consistent checked)
Objects can be separated in Edit Tools > Grouping Tool



Application Compatibility

Other ProgramsOther
 Poser 10+

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Director's Chair 3D Object

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Director's Chair 3D Object


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