JiaMei For G3F
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"JiaMei for G3F" 
Meet JiaMei... a Korean Beauty & Modern Geisha Girl
JiaMei for G3F has been optimized for Daz Studio 4.9+ with advanced shaders and DAZ Studio specific material settings to achieve maximum results in Daz Studio 4.9+.  JiaMei comes with 1 full Custom INJ/REM, 1 Custom Head INJ/REM & 1 Custom Body INJ/REM (no extra morphs needed).  1 complete natural skin texture, 1 natural face, 5 additional face make-ups normal & 5 additional face make-ups geisha plus 1 jeweled variation, normal & geisha = TOTAL 13 faces; Lips - 1 natural,  5 make-up normal & 5 make-up geisha plus 1 jeweled variation, normal & geisha = TOTAL 13 lips; 8 eye colors with variations between light, med, & dark for each color = TOTAL 20 eye colors; 5 tattoos with variations on combinations of tattoos = TOTAL 10 tattoo combinations.  BONUS: 4 poses for Jia Mei G3F plus mirrors included.
This set has a number of individual maps with specific settings for each piece specifically designed for bump; displacement; normals; sub-d blood vessels & veins; specular; highlight & ambient. These are designed to boost the realism and more utilize the functions of Daz Studio 4.9+.  DUF files have been included for Iray only due to the nature of the advanced mapping specifically designed for the realism of the Iray rendering system.
REQUIREMENTS: Genesis 3 Female
DAZ STUDIO:  Posing Character in Daz Studio - If when posing, your figure breaks ie: fingers etc, you need to re-align the rigging of the figure to the character. Since this is a custom morph that uses custom rigging settings & erc freeze, I suggest doing this if for some reason it is acting up which once in a very great while people on certain machines have a problem with posing custom figures. This should alleviate any problems & hassles while posing custom figures.
TO DO THIS: // top menu bar > edit > figure > rigging > adjust rigging to shape //
  • 01 each Custom Full, Head & Body INJ/REM for JiaMei Character
  • 01 FULL MAT pose for JiaMei natural
  • 01 Face MAT pose for natural face
  • 12 Face MATs for face make-ups - 5normal + 5geisha + 2jeweled,n&g
  • 13 Lip MATs - 1nat + 5normal + 5geisha + 2jeweled,n&g
  • 20 Eye Color MAT poses
  • 10 Tattoo MAT poses + 01 Tattoo NULL MAT pose
    • BONUS:  04 poses for JiaMei G3F + mirrors
  • 49 Texture Maps
  • 26 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement/Normals/Vessels Maps 
  • 01 TRANSmap
  • 06 INJ/REM Morph files
  • 66 Daz|Studio 4+ Iray DUF files 




Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.9+
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Genesis 3 Female (http://www.daz3d.com/genesis-3-starter-essentials)

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JiaMei For G3F

SKU: 57465
By: Spiritfoxy

JiaMei for G3F - A Custom Character by Spiritfoxy for the Genesis 3 Female


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