Legacy Davo World Of Pichard Set 3
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Georges Pichard is a famous French artist who dealt in some very graphical fantasy artwork.  The items in these sets are a tribute to his great style of artwork and ideas. 
Collect all the sets for your ever growing library of Davo products. Set 3 is a collection
of water discomfort style devices and restraints.
Computer Compatibility:
- PC compatible
- Not developed on a Mac. Performance cannot be guaranteed. Adjustments to poses may be required.
- Requires Daz Studio 4.8+
- Basic M4, V4, V7 or M7
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png .jpg and .duf format.
- Stand alone product, does not require other product purchases.
- Chains Dual:  This is a set of 2 medium length chains that are symmetrical mirroring.  These are good for chaining two body parts.  There is a non-rendering sphere between to chains to move them both at one time.  Pose files for these chains are provided where applicable. 
- Courtyard: This is courtyard with 4 walls, posable gate, viewing window and 2 outer walls that can be moved around for interest.  All walls can be moved out of view for better camera angles and viewing. 
- Device 1: This is a restraint device with height adjustable main post, posable neck stock, adjustable back pusher and crank.  Pose files are included for V4, V7 the device and other associated figures to use with this device.
- Device 2: This is a water dunking device.  It is height adjustable and had re-positionable back bars with length morph, re-positionable hand cuff mounts and a width, depth and length morph adjustable water basin with morphing water surface.  Pose files for V4, V7, the device and a secondary V4 figure to turn the handle is provided.
- Device 3: This is a wood table restraint device with posable neck and feet stocks.  There is also a hair stock if you want to restrain a ponytail or braid.  Pose files for V4, V7 the device, dual chains and any other associated devices that can be uses with this setup is provided.
- Device 4: This is another water dunking device with adjustable beam length morphs, posable handles, re-positionable cuff mount rings and adjustable spreader.  Pose files are provided for V4, V7, the device and the water basin figure.
- Water Bag: This is a water bag with easypose hose. The bag has a full morph.  Pose files are included for the bag where applicable.
- Water Hose: This is a stand alone hose that can be attached to other devices.
- Water Pump Combo: This is a pre-parented water pump and water hose.
- Faucet Base: This is a faucet handle that you can place on a wall.
- Funnel: This is a posable funnel with morphing water level and easypose feeder tube.  Pose files for the funnel are provided where applicable.
- Hose 1: This is a small nozzled hose with posable handle.  It has an easypose hose you can use to pose from the nozzle back to the end of the hose.  Pose files are included where applicable.
- Hose 2: This is an old fashion fire hose style hose with posable handle and easypose hose.  The hose poses from the nozzle toward the end of the hose.
- Hose 3: This is a spare hose with screw on connectors on the ends.  It has easypose bending technology.  Use as needed.
- Stand 1: This is a posable stand with morph length adjustable post and arm.  Hook can be repositioned.  Pose files included where applicable.
- Stand 2: This stand is morph adjustable and has a curved loop arm to hold the funnel.  Pose files included where applicable.
- Utility Wall:  This is an extra wall you can use to put water tank 2 on or attach the faucet to.  Use as desired.
- Water Basin: This is a length, depth and width morph adjustable water basin with re-positionable water surface.  Pose files included where applicable.
- Water Pumper: This is a re-configurable water pumper that you can use to fill with water and pump the water out.  Pose files included where applicable.
- Water Tank 1: This is a clear glass water jug with posable handle.  You can attach a hose into the bottom of it.  Pose files included where applicable.
- Water Tank 2:  This is a wall mounted water tank with re-positionable water spout.  You can direct a hose into the spout. 
- Smart prop ankle, wrist, neck and connector link cuffs are included for M4, M7 and V4, V7.
- Smart prop gasket gag and gag connector ring is included.
- Pose files for V4, V7 and all equipment and accessories is included where applicable.
- Face/expression file for V4 and V7 is included to work with the gag.
- Detailed Readme file is included.

Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported

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Legacy Davo World Of Pichard Set 3

SKU: 56030
By: DavoFreeone

Set 3 of the World of Pichard from Davo features some unique restraint devices sure to have you put your convicts away wet.


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