The Perfect Gag
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The Perfect Gag

for DAZ!Studio 4.8 in combination with Genesis, G2F, G3F and V4

You ever dreamed of only one mouth gag that fits easily to a lot of figures and that may have different shapes? Yes? So, here it is!

This mouth gag was designed to be useable for almost ANY NORMAL head shape. It has already 12 "one push" levers2 that adjust the "standard style" gag to these head shapes: V4, Genesis, G2F, G3F, Victoria 6 & 7, Josie 6 & 7, Aiko 6, Girl 6, Ysabeau 6, Stephanie 6
The gag can be adjusted to other head shapes as well, thanks to the integrated adjustment morphs.

It comes with a wide range for creating a new mouth gag style including pulling the mouth gag off and some movement options.

IMPORTANT! This "perfect gag" isn't intelligent! :D
This means: When you create another mouth gag style, you have to adjust the gag with the "integrated" morphs to the head shape... but this is in most cases done in minutes. (It took me one minute to adjust it to the Genesis 2 male)

You bought not only this mouth gag. I inserted a cloth ball prop with adjustment and style morphs plus a bow (mostly it won't be shown under long hair) into this package.

I inserted MATs for the gag as well. You will find them in the “Shader Presets” folder under “Dravuor / The perfect gag”. Here you find one 3render and one Iray folder.
In these folders are again three folders: One for the gag, one for the bow and one for the cloth ball.

You can use own MATs, too. The props supports texture files up to 2048x2048 pixels.

You will never ever need another mouth gag prop for your "damsels in distress"!

1 "The perfect gag" prop with a parented cloth ball and a bow

"The perfect gag"  has:
12 adjustments to the upper named head shapes
22 adjustment morphs in three groups
11 style morphs in three groups
17 folds morphs in two groups

The "cloth ball"  has:
20 deform morphs
13 squeeze morphs
16 adjustment morphs
8 detail morphs

Poses Files:
V4, Genesis, G2F and G3F have three different "mouth open" pose files plus a "Default" (zero pose) - incl. one Ysabeau "Mouth 2" pose file.

The DAZ 6 family (Girl, Aiko, Victoria...) use the G2F pose files, too
The DAZ 7 family (Girl, Aiko, Victoria...) use the G3F pose files, too

There are three pdfs in the documents:
One pdf with a detailed morph overview (what is the morph doing to the gag)
One pdf with a "How to use" example
One pdf with an instruction how to adjust the gag to the G2M.

That is it.

Gagging you different damsels has never been so comfortable!




Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
 Genesis 1
 Genesis 2Genesis 2 Female
 Genesis 3Genesis 3 Female

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