Latin Dance For M7V7
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25 poses for V7

25 poses for M7

Hot Latin Dance Poses for your characters!

Product Copyright:

All of the content in this package was created by halcyone.


Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Daz Studio 4.8+
Michael 7
Victoria 7
Will not work in Poser.

Installation Instructions:

To make sure all content gets installed properly, unzip the files directly to your DAZ Studio library.

For example: "DAZ Studio 4.8/My Library" or "DAZ Studio 4.8/Content"

*CGbytes Artistic Group Renders may contain items not available in this product



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
Other Notes
(Does Not Work In Poser)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 3Genesis 3 Female
  Genesis 3 Males

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Latin Dance For M7V7

SKU: 52418
By: Halcyonefaintblue

25 poses for V7 25 poses for M7


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