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#141 Posted : Wednesday, November 23, 2016 9:14:51 AM(UTC)

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Good to hear EP is on the work list again.
Count me in as buyer when she comes out. Budget allows for a few days of generator fuel.

About the comments to new figures I think Glitterati you refer to Scarlet? I do not know what happened there. The figure was positioned as up-market and definitive answer while having very serious flaws, some of which, oddly enough, could be solved easily, like JCM's that were available in the figure but not connected and even hidden. I had long conversation with them and I was told errors were fixed but the update was never released.
For Bella, as Masterstroke said, critics were factual and fair. The perception may be tinted by culture though. In North-West Europe we tend to be what the Brits tend to refer to as 'honest'. With Vilters now on board of the test team for Bella I understand the message to Ali got through the language barrier without causing hard feelings, and lead to good co-operation.

I will be totally absorbed in other business for the month to come so will see the status when I surface again.

I'm certainly not talking about Scarlet.  I'm talking about any and every Poser figure ever released.  Roxie, Rex, Miki3, Miki4, all of them get savaged.  And, I especially love the same folks who savaged Roxie are now big Pauline pimps.  Bwahahahahahahahahahaha, talk about hypocrisy!

So why not Scarlet either?
And yes, you are right. those figures were "savaged". In my honest opinion,for a good reason and well deserved. I liked Roxie, but I  can understand, why she's got bashed too.
Huh , Pauline pimps .... what?
No, Pauline is maybe the Queen of the bashed.
Look, none of these figures is generic. They are all not very appealing by default. Default Miki3, Miki4 and Roxie look emaciated and androgynous. They suffer from the notorious Poser bending issues and they all have their geometry flaws.
Geometry has been best on Miki4, but mesh resolution is a bit over the top. It went down hill since then.
Default Roxie looked like a boy and Pauline is looking like wearing way to small Pantyhoses because the lack of enough polygons on her upper thigh and groin section.
(Pssst, One big advise should be: If you can't model female bits, then just don't do it !!! )

To me, Roxie was special case, because by accident, I've found my character set, that makes her pretty to me. To bad it didn't help, when posing her, so I had to spend hours with the morph brush correcting her bending flaws to finally have her ready to render.
At that time Roxie has been state of the art to me. DAZ Studio was still on G2figures, which had their own flaws.
After Genesis3 release and Iray, the hopes were high, that SM would keep up with the new quality standards, but no - what a disappointment.

So yes, I am one of those guys, bashing at figures, and I do think that is o.k. to do so, as long you give reasons, what you don't like.
My mainley frustration with Poser, I'm still waiting for a figure, that makes it worth using Poser again.

Bella now seems to be a light in the black here. Same as AmbientShade's Venus and Orion. I wish SM had hired one of them for next stock Poser figure creation instead.
#142 Posted : Friday, December 9, 2016 2:57:12 PM(UTC)

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Did this today.

Resuming PE in about a week or two...

"The fool is not the one that does something foolish, but the one that does nothing at all"
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